Euro w882016 Portugal vs. Portugal win in France

Today early morning Beijing time, after nearly a month of fighting after euro 2016 in France.Though thousands of miles apart, time difference 7 hours, but the euro’s every move, still affects a lot of Chinese fans.We are enjoying the exciting games at the same time, also in thinking about a problem: European enlightenment brought the development of Chinese football?

Portugal win euro 2016 in Portugal vs. FranceThe European championship football revelation to China

10 euro staged a dramatic finale, Portugal of injuries in the early’s star cristiano ronaldo took out a military YongMing posture and under the condition of the host worked, finally in the case of passive situation with substitute striker eder in overtime in the second half of a golden goal to a 1-0 victory over France, won the countryHistory’s first winner.

Cristiano ronaldo in the opening soon because possession with knee severely hit by palmer and suffering as a supporting leg, and then he tried to bite the bullet to continue the game, but in the following 16 minutes twice in the court and off treatment, eventually forced by seriously in the 23rd minute when it exits.

To learn Chinese football Iceland revelation 1 】 【 “brave heart”

Iceland is a history into the European championship race “minimum” countries, it isFrom a recognized “three-point banker forces” into Europe in the first eight, took only a few years.Iceland in 2010 in the FIFA rankings, published in 102, now it is ranked 34th.The same ranking, China no. 87, 2010 is now 81.Rose to fame in a sense, the European championships of Icelandic football, it has reference significance for the Chinese football.

Revelation 2 】 【 for luneng taishan learn Portuguese insisted on self

The team’s to learn Iceland, as for luneng taishanIn terms of the club, the most should learn or Portugal reached the final.Portugal as a traditional club, the team has star anchors, but from the group to the knockout stages, has been offensively, bumps on the way, so to speak, “five lian” once suffered criticism and ridicule.Fortunately, reviving the Portuguese thought unity, unity is strength, and ultimately leave high to go lower, went to the final success.Luneng present in deep avoid relegation mire, but also should see a historical breakthrough in the champions league last eight, should believe that their own strength, every member should be filled with the courage to move forward.Luneng although now, but who could dare to say them this seasonResult must be bad?

Revelation 3 】 【 changing mode of Chinese women’s football transfer control to win

At present, the Chinese women’s football training for the Olympics, in France, two shandong women’s Wu Haiyan and Yang Man general also listed in the Olympic final.With a basis for learning “dark horse” Chinese football is different, the starting point of women’s higher girls, have begun to learn some from the European championships of actual combat experience, can be made use of to help “iron roses” better in Rio.

, for example, the European championships, including the team, such as Italy, Hungary, wales in possession disadvantage some of the game, through the efficient, fast and direct attack means to beat his opponent, and the control such as Spain football team to the final result is not ideal.In China women’s French boss Bruno, dominated by the control way of winning is changing, direct and efficient is the key, “the next face different opponents, we also want to consider a good use of it.”

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