W882016 Rio Olympics race

Olympic year, Brazil’s dream.The 31st summer Olympic Games will be opened on August 5, in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil.Rio DE janeiro will host the Olympic Games to become the first South American city to host the Olympic Games is also the first Portuguese city.

List of major sporting superpower competition

Rio during the Olympic Games this year, the Chinese delegation can guarantee about 25 to 27 gold MEDALS.This number is not too optimistic.Its basic guarantee Rio will not lower than the Sydney Olympic Games, the Olympic record and also has a big probability more than 32 gold MEDALS in the Athens Olympics.But if you want to and aligning with 38 gold MEDALS in the London Olympics, the Chinese team needs to on other projects to 11 to 13 gold MEDALS, difficulty is big.

Had stridden home-court advantage after the Beijing Olympic Games, China on the London Olympic Games four years ago scored 38 second best record in the gold MEDALS in the history.Rio Olympics this year?

“In late June for Rio exchange meetings” of the Olympic Games, competitive sports department of the state sport general administration, deputy director of the Liu Aijie revealed that this yearThe number of delegation of athletes will be close to 400 people, will participate in 26 sports in 220 events.

Despite missing two categories, this is outside of the Beijing Olympic Games the most close to the full strength of the Chinese delegation, the London Olympic Games China missed three categories, missed four categories of the Olympic Games in Sydney, although sports and the Olympic Games in Athens, 26, but only 203 in the number of small projects.

Every Olympic teams, although have been change, but international competition largely unchanged.”Compared to the United States, China and Russia in The Three Kingdoms, the strongest, in a leading position, China and Russia are equal.”Liu Aijie said.

As Rio Olympics approaching, the Chinese delegation in weight lifting, swimming, table tennis, shooting, diving and badminton traditional strengths, such as have a more clear gold goals.Comprehensive last year’s world championships or the worldWorld Cup record, the six traditional strengths on the Chinese team has great master to get 25 to 27 gold MEDALS.

In many advantages, such as Britain and Germany, Japan, catching up on events, will be very competitive with China this year, the Chinese team the advantage of project, the situation is far better than the Olympic Games in London, and even catch up with the Athens Olympics.Perhaps, like the Chinese delegation, this year the Chinese audience also need to learn to lower expectations.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio race.

Date of Beijing time Sports Events of hot star On August 6,The next day 7:30-03:30shootingfemaleThe child’s 10 m air rifle finalsilingyi August 7,Surf – 08:00Weight liftingWomen’s 48 kg finalJiang Huihꄒ1998871111219982387
August 7,Sqlstate 09:00 -swimmingThe men’s 400 m freestyle finalsun On August 8,2:00-03:10The divingWomen’s synchronized 3 m springboard finalWu minxia On August 8,03:00-05:35fencingMen’s foil individual finalsThe thunder

The On August 9,02:0-03:15The divingMen’s doubles final 10 metersLin y1998871111219982387
On August 9,03:00 – surfgymnasticsAlso the finalChina, Japan On August 9,Surf – 08:00Weight liftingThe men’s 62 kg group A finalChenLiJun On August 9,09:00-11:00swimmingThe men’s 200 m freestyle finalsun On August 10,2:00-03:10The divingThe women’s 10 m platform finalLost in paradise On August 10,02:30-04:30Weight liftingThe women’s 63 kg group A finalDeng Wei On August 10,03:00-05:15gymnasticsThe women’s finalChina, the United States and Russia On August 10,Surf – 08:00Weight liftingThe men’s 69 kg group A finalZhiyong shi On August 10,”09:00 -swimmingThe 4 x200 meters freestyle relay teamIn thecountries On August 11,2:00-03:15The divingThe men’s synchronized 3 m springboard finalQin kai On August 11,02:30-04:30Weight liftingThe women’s 69 kg group A finalTo yan mei On August 11,03:00-05:45gymnasticsThe men’s all-around finalWithin the village navigation flat On August 11,07:30-09:45Table tennisWomen’s singles finalding On August 11,0And Miriam 9:00 -swimmingThe men’s 100 m freestyle finalNingZeTao On August 11,00 PM – the next 02:30fencingWomen’s epee team finalChina On August 12,03:00-05:10gymnasticsWomen’s all-around finalbyers On August 12,07:30-09:45Table tennisThe men’s singles finalMalone On August 13,- 03:15trampolineWomen’s single onlineThe finalhe On August 13,01:30-03:10Track and fieldThe men’s 20 km race walkingChen On August 13,02:30-04:30Weight liftingThe women’s 75 kg group A finalKang month On August 13,03:00-06:10The bicycleWomen’s groups club RACESChina On August 13,04:00-06:50fencingMen’s foil team finalChina On August 14,- 03:15trampolineMen’s singles final onlineDong Dong On August 14,07:00-10:15Track and fieldThe men’s long jump finalJinzhe li On August 14,07:00-10:15Track and fieldWomen’s hundred meters finalFraser On August 14,09:00-10:40:swimmingThe men’s 1500 m freestyle finalsun On August 14,18:30-03:00golfMan is aPeople runoffMike Roy On August 15,- 04:00gymnasticsMen’s pommel horse, floor exercise, the women’s uneven parallel bars, vaulting horse, finalZou Kai, Yao Jinnan On August 15,03:00-04:30The divingWomen’s 3 m springboard finalWu minxia On August 15,07:15-09:30Track and fieldMen’s best m semi-final and finalUsain bolt, Su Bing added August 16,- 03:15gymnasticsMen jumpedHorse, the suspension loop, the women’s balance beam finalFan Yilin On August 17,- 03:15gymnasticsMen’s horizontal bar, parallel bars, the women’s free gymnastics finalZou Kai, YouHao On August 17,04:00 – surfThe divingThe men’s 3 m springboard finalHe Chao On August 17,06:30-09:45Table tennisThe women’s team finalChina On August 17,07:15-09:30Track and fieldThe men’s high jump finaldeng On August 17,The next day 7:30-00:30badmintonMixed doubles finalNan/Zhao Yunlei On August 18,06:30-09:45Table tennisThe men’s team finalChina On August 18,The next day 7:30-00:30badmintonThe women’s doubles finalZhao Yunlei/Tian Qing On August 19,03:00-04:30The divingThe women’s 10 m is finalLost in paradise On August 19,05:30-09:35Track and fieldThe men’s 200 m finalUsain bolt On August 19,The next day 7:30-00:30badmintonWomen’s singles finalLi Xuerui/Marine On August 20,01:30-03:15Track and fieldThe women’s 20 km race walking finalLiu Hong On August 20,04:30-07:30footballThe women’s final On August 20,07:10-10:00Track and fieldMan 4 x100m relayForce in the finalJamaica, U.S. On August 20,18:30-03:00golfWomen’s personal runoffShanshan feng On August 20,The next day 7:30-00:30badmintonThe men’s singles finalLin Dan On August 21,02:30 05:30 -basketballWomen’s basketball team to the final On August 21,03:30-05:10The divingMen’s 10 m is finalQiu Bo On August 21,04: 30-07:30footballThe men’s team final On August 21,09:15 11:30 -volleyballThe women’s volleyball finalChina On August 22,02:45-05:15basketballThe men’s basketball finalLebron James, kobe Bryant

“Although the Brazilian President face impeachment political crisis and economic recession, butAugust 5, the opening of the Olympic Games will be Rio DE janeiro is a stunning success of the Olympic Games, will also be very spectacular.”

Brazilian there is an old saying: “the tourists around the world work, save money, not just to run to Brazil to enjoy sunshine, beach, barbecue? Which kind of enjoy in our home.”Maybe the Rio Olympics to be held between the series of crisis, will let the whole world “about” rise, become a turning point in Brazil.

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