W88 casino, how to save the DNS?

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Computer operating normally, the network environment is normal, but can’t normal game or deposits, this situation may be your DNS can not normal to connect to the web site, small make up will be detailed introduction of DNS related for youThe content.

What is the DNS?

DNS Domain Name System is computer (Domain Name System, or Domain Name Service), it is composed of Domain Name parser and Domain Name server.Domain name server refers to hold all hosts in the network domain name and the corresponding IP address, and has the function of transform domain for the IP address of the server.

What is a DNS robbedHold?

If found to have site be malicious tampering with routing DNS code, users can intercept page, with prompt!According to the statistics of security alliance found website was black, into the routing DNS hijacking code.

Such circumstance is, the game operation right, why can’t connect web page for the game?Before deposit can be done, why can’t now?These are manifestations of DNS is hijacked, but you do not need to worry about, click download above to go to repair the DNS.

How toRepair the hijacked DNS?

Step 1: click on the [Free download For Google browser, for example, the following figure, you will be in the lower left corner, find out the file to download is complete.Double-click to open the download file.

Step 2: install the software.

Step 3: replace the following DNS server code.

The preferred DNS server: optimal DE W88 】 【

Secondary DNS server: optimal DE W88 】 【 or

If you want to return to the original DNS, please click in the software can remove the DNS, or uninstall this software, all can return to the original DNS.

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