W88 casino – optimal optimal DE club, the new four baccarat

Optimal DE club real casino now new optimal four baccarat, innovative style, a new experience, immediately log in the game!

Optimal four baccarat: based on the ordinary baccarat game.

Rules: idle and banker’s first two CARDS, the closest to 9 points is the winner.Any two CARDS together to 8 or 9 points as “have”.Zhuang/spare any two CARDS total 8, 9, for example, the other party need not bo brand, namely to be decided.

Login, click on the [real entertainmentCity 】, select the optimal DE club 】 or 【 optimal DE club - great hall 】 there is optimal four baccarat games 】.The diagram below:

Click [baccarat], select room ceiling into the game.The diagram below:

The game page covers: 【 】 video mode, betting limits, fast switching game 】 【 】, the countdown, phone verifying casino 】 【 】, 【 dealer tip box 】, 【 7 sit view 】, 【 real-time pools, video playback, and because figure 】 【 】 】 【 special claims, etc.The diagram below:

Seven sat view: can play online for seven players at the same time.Immediately to invite your friends to play together with you to the following figure:

Game page left for menu Settings.Contains 】 【 online customer service, [history], [the report], [rule], [sound], and [circulation desk].You can check in according to their own needs.The diagram below:

Optimal four baccarat is on the basis of the standard baccarat added some special style and special claims

For example:

Betting sent home optimal four: such bureau sent home with four wins banker, 50

-1 shot

Betting banker optimal four: such bureau banker with four wins sent home, 25

-1 shot

Betting “idle” and “banker” pair with flowers or: such as sent home or banker appear with flowers, 1

-1 shot

Such as pair at idle or banker, 4

-1 shot

At such as idle or bankerPair with the design and color, 7

-1 shot

Betting draw: so draw bureau, 8

-1 shot

Optimal four baccarat betting “estates” or “idle” special compensation is as follows:

Betting “estates” or “idle” : such bureau “estates” or “idle” either side with 4 wins, 0.5

-1 shot

So bureau “estates” or “idle” either party with 1, 2

-1 shot

When betting “zhuang” “idle” and “four” banker optimal “sent home optimal four”, the result issued a “draw” return the principal

Zhuang idle draw with standard baccarat, the same rules in the rules of than brand, 8 and 9 also to have, but did not have to pay, in addition to the 4 and 1 win any points of 1

-1 shot

Original real baccarat optimal four baccarat 】 【 new gameplay, optimal four helps you win a high pay!Generous cash waiting for you to get to

More details on the game, you are welcome at any time consulting us 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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