W88.com golden cup club (PNG) – super reverse it

Super flip is a 5 axis line 20 online slot machine game.The game features: scattered pattern, free spin 】 【 】, to spin, such as scattered symbols 】 【 】.The highest available 1000000 COINS.Immediately log in the game, winning over!

Three or more dispersed pattern 】 【 design will trigger the free rotation and changing rotor position, it can increase the chance of winning!The diagram below:

【 to spin 】 all expect a second chance to win a prize!Up to 1000000 COINS.The diagram below./ p >

“Joker” replace all symbols except scattered symbols.The diagram below:

Small make up the first won 200 COINS.Keep up the good work, continue to go around ~

Click on the “rotation”.

15 times easier for free rotation, pleasant turn around, turn out huge bonuses!

In the 15 free rotation, a total of 400 COINS.COINS to win easily,Log rotation together!

Finally into the small make up a favorite “gambling” link, you can click on the “gaming” to continue the game, also can click [get] directly to get to your win game currency.

Gambling links: profit, pleasantly surprised unceasingly, quiz together ~ you can directly click you’ll need to bet on [color] or [color].The diagram below:

Super flip a strong hit, awards continue!Game set high scores that have a chance to win up to 10000Yuan cash prize!

A free demo

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