Recommend west re-scheduled week 6, 2016-2017 matches

02:45 on September 24, 2016, the two sides are expected to start: Real betis, : Dan, leather cassini, mandy and her jersey, martti, pater Ross, blah ‘a g o, sauder, joaquin, Fidel castro, ray bounty.Malaga Khamenei, Rosa les, and delights in, in, Juan skin, camacho, library ‘s Norwich, Joe, sandro, in

“The strong> date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/24 (Saturday)02:45betismalaga 2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 19:00Mr AnwarThe royal society 2016/9/24 (Saturday)”gijonBarcelona

The 2016/9/25 (Sunday)00:30bilbaosevilla 2016/9/25 (Sunday)02:45Las palmasReal Madrid 2016/9/25 (Sunday)18:00He invalencia 2016/9/25 (Sunday)”Atletico Madriddeportivo 2016/9/26 (Monday)00:30villarrealosasuna
2016/9/26 (Monday)02:45The Spanishcelta 2016/9/27 (Tuesday)02:45Allah’sgranada

Real betis VS malaga,

La liga 5 rounds, real betis 5 points in the middle and lower reaches of the premier league now, only goal difference behind the opponent malaga.Malaga are five points also row in the middle and lower reaches of the Spanish league.

The optimalWestern sports datakeeping: real betis & # 8211;0 ball.】

Real betis just in midweek Andalusia failed in the Derby, but they don’t have the time to reflect on the defeat, then will have to duel with malaga.Malaga in midweek win the first win of the new season, it has great help for their morale boost, the guest war they will strive to winning streak.
Weeks together and betis sevilla’s Derby war efforts, but the end result is frustrating, the blow to the morale of the team have a certain.The home, yettaTeam will strive to win, but they all draw with previous two home, this virtually is increasing a lot of pressure to the team.In the pre-match preparation meeting’s request team forget with LDK Derby as a result, because malaga to focus all their energy to face.

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