Recommended – w88 matches the European champions league Borussia Dortmund VS real Madrid

02:45 on September 28, 2016, the two sides are expected to start: borussia Dortmund: Boolean matrix, leather, chuck, thorpe pappas tower luo, gold’s, meltzer, Helene weigel, Fidel castro, Mr Lai, ce, Moore, Pierre aubameyang;Real Madrid: navas, slip, pepe and sergio ramos, Hal’s, Arsenal theo, Tony – cross, luka modric, cristiano ronaldo, bell, benzema,

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, borussia Dortmund – 0-0.5.

It will be 11 in the history of the two teams in EuropeMeetings, after real Madrid 4-3-3, 14 goals give a slight edge to 12 goals conceded.A recent meeting between the two is the 2013-14 season’s champions league quarter-final, 3-0 victory at real Madrid home borussia Dortmund, second leg with real Madrid, 2-0 defeat to rivals on the road.Real Madrid in the champions league with borussia Dortmund in the history of the German team, there are as many as 62 meetings, real Madrid – 23 29-10 negative have the upper hand, with the Spanish team other than the real Madrid and borussia Dortmund in European 24 meetings, Dortmund 8 about 7-9.

Dortmund was at homeDE team on Saturday at home in the bundesliga 3 to 1 victory over promoted freiburg, made four wins in all competitions.The the four games in a wasp bianconeri crazy scored 20 goals but only lost 2, embodies the perfect state.Obama MeiYang, ce, the Ottoman – Mr Lai has good performance, more it is worth noting that this summer to join guerrero, the Portuguese in the European championship is played left-back, but under figure hull, guerrero 4141 as a playmaker, 2 ball 2 assists and nearly 2 rounds of the bundesliga champions league ball 1 assists, metronome + terminator feeling.

New real MadridSeason matches unbeaten, but recently their state is flat, nearly two rounds of league draw with villarreal and las palmas in succession.Ronaldo did not find the best condition, the new season score a goal in three rounds, its the worst start of his career at real Madrid.Was substituted on a round of league, cristiano ronaldo, but also made him feel annoyed, zinedine zidane pre-match press conference have also complained that cristiano ronaldo has said is normal, but this should not happen, cristiano ronaldo is currently in the goal in Europe has reached 97 goals, short of 3 balls will be able to get to 100 European record, get into the game ronaldo can again broke outThe ball is very worth waiting for.

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