Recommended – the European champions league leicester w88 matches VS Porto

02:45 on September 28, 2016, the two sides are expected to start: leicester: little Peter schmeichel, hernandez, Morgan, Robert huth, fuchs, Mach les, DE link walter, o matei, al Brighton, Lima, val di;Porto: iker casillas, cloud, felipe, omar cano, les, Hector – herrera, danilo – pereira, oliver – fernando torres, pooh the coronado, Andre silva, the tower of

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: leicester – 2-2.5.The

Champions league group G on second round against leicester city will host the Portuguese giants in Porto.Champions league new leicester city in the group draw with Porto, bruges and Copenhagen three teams in a group, although opponents are champions of familiar faces, but the grouping list for leicester city, is a sign.Three teams in the most dangerous opponent should be to Porto, Portugal giants as the team had won the champions league is one of the power to be reckoned with.

Leicester on the wheel at the foot of the premiership defeat at Manchester united, currently 2-1Negative 3 ranked eleventh 7 points, if you want to stay in the premier league this season for the rhythm of the four is perhaps more difficult, the carling cup exit is a good thing for the team, at least the team can be more focus on the champions league, the game is the club’s first champions league home games.Cantor’s departure had a significant impact on the team this season, door di injured again, but goalkeeper ShiMei cher also missing a few games because of a concussion on round league zille, performance is not satisfied.

Porto last season was Portuguese, 3 consecutive three seasons for the league, but in their champions league play-off taoTide the Roman promotion, the champions league first round they tied to Copenhagen.If this season on loan from atletico Madrid to the temple and oliver – fernando torres, from Liverpool has introduced the teixeira, bought from watford cloud, this season they under new coach nuno santo performance is normal in the premiership, now 13 points ranked third, team’s current lineup is neat, guard the M – pereira lack of status, but there is no effect to the team.

Recommend Porto have two and a half ball two goals wins.

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