Premier league matches 3 recommended w88 casino2016-2017

2016/2017 season 3 rounds, spurs home game against Liverpool, in Beijing time on August 27, 2016, 7:30, this is a focal point war, points for a game both sides hope to rival opponent’s gap.You prefer which team?Welcome to quiz!

Tottenham hotspur v Liverpool.


The two teams play in history, a total of 145 times, Liverpool 68-42Flat 35 have certain advantages, in nearly six meetings between the two sides, the reds five wins and two draws unbeaten, both sides 1-1 draw with a game is the nearest.

Look out for:

Tottenham for 1700 pounds just one point is introduced the eredivisie best forward Vincent – janssen, is expected to see his performance, the other at home to tottenham will go all out naturally, into the league before six.

Point 2: Liverpool’s current integral in the 11th, if could not manage this round competition, ranking will decline, coach at will try my best to ask players to the gameIf Liverpool win this game will keep the spurs in recent unbeaten record.

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