W88.com awarding club

Optimal DE W88, introducing leading online game loyalty benefit plan, let you can enjoy high return water, can enjoy the bonus points plan again.Awarding program leading the industry pioneer, optimal DE W88, give you unique distinguished experience.

Integral = rewards (innovation concept, luxury)

Starts from February 1, 2014, W a VIP membership grade sapphire, gold, platinum and diamond will be based on games Betting amount earn points, other members temporarily does not provide bonus points.

If the member in the use of the site and reward plan fraud or engaged in illegal activities, against optimal DE W88.com’s terms of use and optimal DE W88.com has the right to freeze or closed account accordingly.Members can attend all preferential in the incentive plan, unless in the terms of use of rewards programs have special instructions for qualifying.

1. Access to

Way 1: integral is registered as optimal DE W88 sapphire you success or above level member, when making real money games to earn points.

Enjoy free bets: For success, will be immediately sent to you at the center of the wallet.Only cash register you choose currency, otherwise your application will be considered invalid, free bets without water withdrawals.Other matters of withdrawals and is suitable for optimal DE W88 rules and provisions.

Small make up remind you oh ~As long as 278The integral can change 25Free betting amount about yuan~

To exchange gifts: The be fond of according to you can choose gifts catalog wide variety of gifts, each free gift or betting displaysTo how many points can exchange, as long as you is greater than the current integral points of the show, move the mouse to the picture will show to exchange and details, you click on the exchange.

After you successfully submit petitions, optimal DE W88 awarding specialist contact you and check for you after checking.The postage is superior to DE W88 undertake.

6. Lucky to rotate for

All registered members record of at least once a week deposit to conform to participate in “lucky” spin free of charge.Logged in click on the “lucky spin”Query the specific operation details.

Members get preferential after rotation, customer service will be in in 24 hoursGet in touch with you, members agreed to this offer immediately after processing.

Club membership rotation after winning the prize, integral will contact with you, discuss the details related to the prize, members agreed requirements and provide the mailing address after for 15 daysTo deal with.

Lucky rotation will be free at the end of the day per week 23:59:59 points (Beijing time)Next week, you will get free spin again.

You took part in the return water activities, can also attend the integral activities, optimal DE W88 double honour enjoy preferential to you!

More discount details, you can consult online customer service 24 hours a day, or click on the “awarding club” after login for details.

If you have any questions about integral rewards program, you are always welcome email to [email & # 160; protected] queries.

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