W88.com [optimal DE W88] German bundesliga round 5, 2015-2016

Beijing standard time on September 19 (Saturday) 02:30, was approaching 2015-2016 the fifth round of the German bundesliga, Below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/19 (Saturday)02:30mainzhoffenheim 2015 /9/19 (Saturday)At 21:30cologneThe door is popular 2015/9/19 (Saturday)At 21:30HamburgFrankfurt 2015/9/19 (Saturday)At 21:30darmstadtBayern Munich 2015/9/19 (Saturday)At 21:30Werder BremenBecause of the gore Tuesday 2015/9/19 (Saturday)At 21:30Wolfsburg,Hertha Berlin 2015/9/20 (on Sunday)At 21:30Stuttgart,Schalke 04 2015/9/20 (Sunday)23:30Borussia DortmundBayer leverkusen 2015/9/20 (Sunday)23:30augsburgHannover 96

Mainz VS hoffenheim

Mainz over 2 in a row, new signing vratsa starting for the first time new signings goalkeeper curci and defender ‘first into the squad, midfielder broadEric hinske send point, goalkeeper Carrie who saved a penalty, striker muto jia ji assists omar le scoring.After the game boss Martin schmidt praised muto jia ji and omar has huge potential.Midfielder f. fry (3), “luo (3 1 1 assists), soto and forward, to continue to hurt.

Huo village new season start 1 4 defeats, on 92 minutes, 93 minutes last conceded two goals ultimately bear Bremen 3 to 1.Boss, dole for 2 wheel using the same starting utes assists the debut of the Chile international vargas joining the first goal.Gith dole calm this is the most difficult time coaching since huo village,Player must strengthen running to get chance.Utes think last time was a dead not bad luck, but the line is too stupid.Forward for four wheel start but after kuranyi return to the bundesliga to crop failures.Striker utes hamad said midfielder and kai herdling deficiency.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: trailing 14 meetings, mainz 6-5-3 home 3-3-1, nearly six times 5 1 small battle opponents.Mainz three even bigger.Huo village across the season almost five guest 1 4,

“2015-2016 the German bundesliga fifth wheel”Another day, please look!

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