W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 2015-2016 Spanish football league 4th round of fixtures

Beijing standard time on September 19 (Saturday) 02:30, coming fourth round of the 2015-2016 Spanish football league match, below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/19 (Saturday)02:30getafemalaga 2015/9/19 (Saturday)22:00The royalMadridgranada 2015/9/20 (Sunday)00:15valenciaReal betis 2015/9/20 (Sunday)02:30Mr AnwarAtletico Madrid 2015/9/20 (Sunday)04:00The royal societyThe Spanish 2015/9/20 (Sunday)18:00sevillaCelta vigo 2015/9/20 (Sunday)22:00Deportivo la corunaSporting gijon 2015/9/21 (Monday)00:15villarrealAthletic bilbao 2015/9/21 (Monday)02:30Barcelonalevante 2015/9/21 (Monday)02:30Las palmasThe column of kano

Getafe VS malaga,

The home team getafe on things:

Getafe 14th league last season, this season has introduced several reinforcements, age structure team is very young, which leads to the team’s lack of experience.Performance is not ideal, new season getafe three wars are negative, at the bottom, this season seems to be fighting to avoid relegation in advance.In the last few games getafe attacking force is worth affirmation, two consecutive rounds of net ball, but the defence is not stable, lost six goals in three games.In the home team to win the game difficulty is very big, if the performance can spell it a draw.

The visiting team malaga are:

Marla plusNine, won the west yet after three rounds of the new season 2 flat 1 negative ranked no. 16.Malaga haven’t scored a goal in three games, big problems on the offensive end, even though the defence to jintang, in the face of the strong teams such as Barcelona and sevilla three rounds only throw a ball, but if not I’m afraid it is difficult to solve the problem of attacking the new season.New season so dismal result and not a lot of summer signings have relations, keeping the road malaga if can timely change on the offensive end for the new season first win still have hope.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: this home slightly better, but alsoCan focus on the draw.

The Spanish football league 2015-2016 in the first round,, die another day please look!

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