Three matches yet recommend w882016-2017 method

2016-2017, the French league third round marseille v lorient, will be in August 27, 2016, 02:45 in the morning.Meetings between the two sides in recent 10 games, marseille won 4, 3, 3 dominant, including 1 at home last 2 flat, playing is not good, two fixtures against the two sides last season was a draw.If you are French fans, or you in marseille, lorient team, we welcome you who guesses the result of the game!The

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: marseille – 0.5-1 ball.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/8/27 (Saturday)02:45marseillelorient 2016/8/27 (Saturday)23:00DijonLyon 2016/8/28 (Sunday)2:00caenbastia 2016/8/28 (Sunday)2:00maceangers 2016/8/28 (Sunday)2:00Montpellier,raygrace 2016/8/28 (Sunday)2:00Nancyguingamp 2016/8/28 (Sunday)2:00nicelille 2016/8/28 (Sunday)At 21:00bordeauxnantes 2016/8/28 (Sunday)23:00St. deanToulouse, 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45MonacoSt germain

Marseille v lorient.

Marseille two rounds before the face of average power of Toulouse and guingamp made only one draws, badly, front led by Mr Mizpah, collective slump.And lorient following first-round caen reverse after the previous round face bastia to a 3-0 reversal, two consecutive game, the players mentality affected obviously, if can’t adjust in time, I’m afraid weakness is difficult to come to an end.

Marseille new season 1 2 gamesPing 1 negative state is very bad, it seems the team this season to impact the champions league the difficulty bigger than last season, but it does not, the normal state of marseille, this season’s league of second home team hope is just a little.In game 2, marseille hand over the report card is lost two goals, scored a goal.This season the team’s number one striker bart shu yi ran to Chelsea to look for new, now leave marseille attack this basic does not have sex.Bought the former Lyon striker from Swansea mizpah, really need time to adapt to.

Lorient opening just got 2 in a row, if marseille attackStrikes have a problem can also be defensive, then lorient have problems is to attack and defense.First team 2-3 defeat to caen, if the team loses at the very least it two goals on the road is also good, so the 3-0 home loss bastia is said not over, bastia are, after all, is just a team avoid relegation, before the start of the season the team has shout the slogan of seats to win the champions league, but now it seems it’s more like a balloon.

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