Recommended w882016-2017 west re-scheduled week 3 matches

Beijing standard time on September 10, 2016 02:45, west re-scheduled week 3 rounds, the royal society VS Spain first-round matchup, which team you like?Quiz immediately!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/1002:45The royal societyWest classTeeth are 2016/9/10At 19:00celtaAtletico Madrid 2016/9/1022:00Real Madridosasuna 2016/9/1100:15malagavillarreal 2016/9/1100:15sevillaLas palmas 2016/9/1102:30BarcelonaAllah’s 2016/9/1118:00gijonHe in 2016/9/1122:00valenciabetis 2016/9/1200:15granadaMr Anwar 2016/9/1202:30deportivobilbao

men of the royal society VS Spain

The royal society in the first round of league defeat to real Madrid,Last round against osasuna rival 2-0 victory to obtain the first win of the season.The team’s performance on both ends is relatively stable, the performance is quite good.And round on the Spanish leading 2-0 at home be malaga team to draw under the condition of the loss of good bureau, the first two rounds of the league in total lost 8 ball, defensive non-existing, although the offensive end, but also difficult to fill the defence to dig the hole.And the team last ten la liga road only one win and lose the foot seven, at very bleak.Plus striker baptista di tang in injury to the team, the team’s visit will not.

The two sides in the pastTwo seasons of four meetings between the two victories form the balance of power, and the final league position also belong to the middle position, the strength of very close to;Today the home team make hemisphere concessions, in both sides strength under the condition of same, occupy the home of the royal society is bound to get help.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game let the hemisphere – the royal society.

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