W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 6 rounds of the English premier league fixtures, 2015-2016

Beijing standard time on September 19 (Saturday) 19:45, will soon celebrate the sixth game of the English premier league 2015-2016, below small make up to bring you a simple events analysis and event management.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/19 (Saturday)19:45ChelseaArsenal 2015/9/19 (Saturday)22:00Aston dlaWest brom 2015/9/19 (Saturday)22:00bournemouthsunderland 2015/9/19 (Saturday)22:00Newcastlewatford 2015/9/19 (Saturday)22:00Stoke cityLester 2015/9/19 (Saturday)22:00Swanseaeverton 2015/9/20 (Sunday)00:30Manchester cityWest ham 2015/9/20 (Sunday)Manner ofspursThe crystal palace 2015/9/20 (Sunday)23:00LiverpoolNorwich, 2015/9/20 (Sunday)23:00SouthamptonManchester united

: Chelsea v Arsenal

Recently, even to kung, the market has always been low-key Chelsea, 5 rounds of home-country crowd, defending champion only got the poorFour points, team doctor farce, Ivan black holes, mourinho quarrel…In addition to win games, Chelsea have tried various ways to grab headlines;On the contrary, the gunners news suddenly become very serious, even learned to use inefficient ugly way to win.On Saturday, the two teams will have direct swap “aristocrats” dialogue, mourinho life on the line, professor eager to fish in troubled waters.

After five rounds, Chelsea has been pulled open 11 points, keep a record of the perfect Manchester city last season big kill square of cesc fabregas, azar, diego – costa dropped shrines at the same time, to make matters worse, the blues lost the ball number has reached 12, highTop 20 premier league, age regression of completely destroyed the iron line of defense last season,

In contrast, the visiting team, Arsenal’s first encounter with the door black, once ridiculed rich do not spend, wenger once again out of “the matrix”, the gunners three wins and a draw in the next four games, get, proved that the professor is not blind self-confidence, it is worth mentioning that 10 league is in sanchez and every two thighs have not the condition of open account, since the second half of last season, wenger has been abandoned for the perfection of the accused, but strengthen the forward assault, more attack goal, on the wheelAgainst stoke city, it is to use as many as 29 shots continued oppression, in # 2-0 victory, while the efficiency is not high, but to win is king.Predictably, as long as they don’t encounter injuries or the devil, arsene wenger’s side are to be reckoned with.

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The sixth season of the English premier league 2015-2016, who and die, please look!< / stron克


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