Name game purse announcement

Please in the condition of login, enter the capital management page.You will see the wallet name changes, as shown in the figure below, the name is more concise and clear convenient you to use!

The best club (reality + Other slot machines), virtual & amp;Brings “Including optimal real casino, kanaike, gold, golden (human + slots), jin emperor club, golden cup club.As well as a virtual, brings.The

Oriental sports “. Oriental sports.

Western sports “. Western sports,

Spittor “. Spittor club

slot machines

Andy (PT human + slot machines) ““The reality of the mirage club entertainment city and
slot machines
Texas mahjong “. Texas mahjong,

Happy color.
Happy color

Poker “. Poker

Deep sea fishing “, “Deep sea fishing in

The game “. Fishing talent, west supremacy, mercedes-benz, BMW, gold and silver leopard

If you inEncountered in the process of transfer operation any question, please contact 24 hours online customer service for help, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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