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Lyon vs Bohr on September 10, 2016, Leon could conquer bordeaux.Welcome you who guesses the result of the game!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/10 (Saturday)02:45St germainSt. dean 2016/9/10 (Saturday)23:00Lyonbordeaux 2016/9/11 (Sunday)2:00angersDijon 2016/9/11 (Sunday)2:00bastiaToulouse, 2016/9/11 (Sunday)2:00guingampMontpellier, 2016/9/11 (Sunday)2:00lilleMonaco 2016/9/ 11 (Sunday)2:00lorientNancy 2016/9/11 (Sunday)At 21:00nantesmace 2016/9/11 (Sunday)23:00Ryancaen 2016/9/12 (Monday)02:45nicemarseille

Lyon vs bordeaux

The score data 】 【

1, the home side Lyon as upstream ligue 1 strength team, ranked second ligue 1 last season, the season ranked fourth ligue 1.Team last ten games record of 6-1, 3 home record is 4 wins.

2, the visiting team bordeaux is a middle power ligue 1 team, ranked 11th ligue 1 last season, the season ranked eighth ligue 1.Team last ten games record of 3-3 draws and 4 defeats, the road for 1-3.

3, the two sides after the recent record 10 times, Lyon has 4-3-3, itsHome in 1-3-1 record.At a recent meeting between both sides in the French league last season, at home to Lyon win bordeaux.


Lyon this season’s overall momentum is good, the team winning streaks start, although last round league away a shock, but the team new season condition is good.As for the visiting team bordeaux are also catching up, this should be said that the home team will be worthy of trust.

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