Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 4 matches

On Thursday, September 17, 2016, Beijing time 02:45;West yet four rounds betis vs granada two teams start the game, for the two teams, in recent years, due to the strength of the team is constantly enhanced, so for many fans, their awareness of the two teams is also more and more high, at the same time also looking forward to in the process of the two teams in the game can bring them more brilliant performance, as far as possible to avoid some of the things from happening, finally win.

Match dayIssue Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/17 (Saturday)02:45betisgranada 2016/9/17 (Saturday)At 19:00He inBarcelona 2016/9/17 (Saturday)”Atletico Madridgijon 2016/9/18 (Sunday)00:30Mr Anwarsevilla 2016/9/18 (Sunday)02:45Las palmasmalaga 2016/9/18 (Sunday)18:00osasunacelta 2016/9/18 (Sunday)”bilbaovalencia 2016/9/19 (Monday)03:00villarrealThe royal society
2016/9/19 (Monday)02:45The SpanishReal Madrid 2016/9/20 (Tuesday)02:45Allah’sdeportivo

Betis VS granada


Real betis,

The Spanish after three rounds, real betis at present four points in 11 of the premier league.On a round of league, real betis 3-2 win over valencia on the road, was thisFirst league victory.The game relies on a fellow 81 Ruben castro and joaquin.Among them, 4 balls of Ruben scoring three la liga matches.In addition it is worth mentioning that castro scored twice in the last round league, the four goals as the best striker in the Spanish he scored 37 in la liga goals in 22 at betis scoring, the league he is expected to continue to take hold a village.Real betis nearly six times against granite that reach all competitions with three wins and two draws, prevail against the record.And a recent fighting real betis 2-0 victory at home to granite that, 4 in a rowMeetings, the game to look up a line.Squad, Sana biya has injury, should be able to attend the event, and the in-form castro continued to appear on the left.Sand is expected to debut performance of blah, will continue to keep in the starting line-up.

Gamla that up to

Granite that up to now one row in the Spanish league 18th.Gamla that up to start work very badly, although opening draw with good villarreal, but after two defeats, second round away from 1 to 5 loss las palmas, and in the main round of leagueA 2-1 defeat to Mr Anwar, away from relegation road important six points.Team is still not harvested their first victory of the new season, at present they are competitive, this early in the week training, ready for the next round of league, this they take on the challenge with team to real betis in the south.Squad, samper suffered minor injuries, but should be able to timely return back in midfield, and if necessary corzine will replace him.Pereira and remy – bo should guard again in two, while bueno appeared in the middle.Although ochoa last time poor performance, but should continue to guard the gate.


Real betis la liga home nearly seven games, including six games, the two sides tally averaging less than 2.5.

Gamla that nearly 9 la liga, including eight games, the two sides tally averaged more than 2.5.

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