Recommend six matches of the bundesliga w882016-2017

02:30 on October 1, 2016, the two sides is expected the coma: The RS in leipzig: the ancient lachey, boehner, orban, compaq, hals sternberg, cinque, keita, d. Caesar, burg, sabe policy, Mr Paulson;Augsburg, : black,,, Hahn, ancient willy, reg, stark in the tees, henchard, bayer, mead, zi shi zhe, ji dong-won, Finn,

The gameThe date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 2:30Borussia Dortmundfreiburg 2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 21:30mainzBayer leverkusen 2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 21:30The door is popularBecause of the gore Tuesday

2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 21:30FrankfurtHertha Berlin 2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 21:30augsburgdarmstadt 2016/9/24 (Saturday)At 21:30HamburgBayern Munich 2016/9/25 (Sunday)00:30Werder BremenWolfsburg, 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 21:30hoffenheimSchalke 04
2016/9/25 (Sunday)23:30cologneRB leipzig

RS VS augsburg in leipzig,

German bundesliga 2016/17 round first game will be in the German city of leipzig, red bull arena of the bundesliga championship in leipzig, red bull will be at home against augsburg.The home team in the last six games 2 win 4 flat, the visiting team in the last six games with three wins and a draw.Keep the red bull in leipzig, newly promoted in this seasonUnbeaten and in the previous two home games have to face the strong strong, it is solid defense and did well in the away games this season the augsburg, want to win in the home of the hottest third win of the season I’m afraid difficult.

The best western sports datakeeping: RS – 0.5-1 ball in leipzig. 】

Home of leipzig on Sunday’s 1-1 draw at cologne in the bundesliga, official match of the season six games unbeaten in a row.Lead in the opening five minutes in leipzig, but after twenty minutes to counterattack level than rivalPoints in the second half against the opponent’s offensive and under the condition of the control of the game failed to create the real opportunity to finally’s 1-1 draw at rivals, after the coach hazen xu’s very satisfactorily in leipzig, said red bull in the game on the road most of the time dominated the game and get further enhance the team’s status.Home on Friday in augsburg, leipzig boss said hazen xu, defend very well is a very experienced team of rivals, it will be at home in leipzig, faces an uphill battle, players have to be patient on the pitch.

Optimal DE W88, westernSports remind: let the hemisphere in leipzig, recommend the RS a ball wins the game.

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