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Beijing time on September 23 (Wednesday) of 2:00, for 2015-2016 in the German bundesliga six games, Below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/23 (Wednesday)2:00Bayern MunichWolfsburg, 2015/ 9/23 (Wednesday)2:00Because of the gore TateHamburg 2015/9/23 (Wednesday)2:00Hertha Berlincologne 2015/9/23 (Wednesday)2:00darmstadtWerder Bremen 2015/9/24 (Thursday)2:00Bayer leverkusenmainz 2015/9/24 (Thursday)2:00The door is popularaugsburg 2015/ 9/24 (Thursday)2:00Schalke 04Frankfurt 2015/9/24 (Thursday)2:00Hannover 96Stuttgart, 2015/9/24 (Thursday)2:00hoffenheimBorussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich VS wolfsburg,

Wolfsburg and bayern Munich’s game is undoubtedly the bundesliga’s most of the focus of the war.Wolfsburg in the winterWill be the window to the super game to introduce Chinese players zhang rare zhe, let them get higher attention.And bayern Munich last warm-up for a 5-1 victory over Germany’s b team bochum, nearly three rounds of warm-up also keep winning three, during every round at least keep the four goals, overall performance is good.The Wolf fort this season against bayern Munich in the bundesliga opener, a guest 1-2 landed his opponent, nearly 10 times against bayern Munich in 10 in a row, nearly 14 times against 1 flat 13, nearly five home face bayern war to 1 4 negative, play in a great disadvantage.
Compared with the two teams in recent two years guest let the specification slightly on the low side,And have a further fall plate trend.Still occupy obvious dominance in the fundamentals of bayern, let the trend of the disk appeared to soften, saw the Wolf fort home for points.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: wolfsburg + 1.25

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