W88.com how to apply for the daily lucky slot machine offer?

optimal DE W88 carefully attached daily lucky slot machines for you, every day is different to win prizes! Looking forward to tomorrow, let luck and miracles happen! How to apply for preferential daily lucky slot machines? Let small make up hold you win ~

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How to participate in the offer?

Method one: you can use web version (mobile web page or a computer may be) into the game to complete water requirements specified.

Method 2: you can also directly download mobile client.Would you pleaseOpen m.w88my.com or download the android/apple client “optimal DE club” (according to their own mobile phone system, you can scan the qr code below to download the best club mobile client) to complete the corresponding game bets on the forehead.

Discount activity is introduced:

Daily luckily slots is favorable in the specified slot machine game, every day in the mobile client or web page version to complete the specified betting corresponding amount for the concrete will be subject to the lucky slots page.

This activity is suitable forAll web pages and effective betting for the client.

How to apply for discount?

Mobile web version, for example, after you enter m.w88my.com in the mobile phone browser, log in and then click the page images below to view the offer details and the designated slot machine game.

Click on the slot machine picture to view more information about the specified slot machine game, as follows:

View to the specified slot machine game and requirementsBets on the forehead, you can start on a mobile phone game!

Small make up luck is really very good!First put the profit of 1050 yuan, continue to rotate to meet the water requirements & # 8230;Game award rate is extremely high, has been profitable oh ~ in the process of secretly secretly pleased, easy to reach water requirements.

Bets on the forehead as required on the second day after returning to the corresponding page click [claims for preferential].The diagram below:

* * * note:


click apply preferential 】 【 after, there will be a corresponding tip shows you have been successful.When you click apply again, can appear you have claimed the daily rescue gold 】 【 tips.The diagram below:

Query bonuses to zhang:

Into account to view, preferential application after the bonus instant to account!Profit at the same time also got the offer bonuses, fully staffed?

Withdrawal request:

The bonus shall be castNote in the given the same slot club of the game, after 10 times of water withdrawal.

How to continue to participate in this offer?

If you want to continue to participate in the next activity, need to finish the previous bonus multiple water to apply.

I wish you great profit!If you have other questions, welcome to contact our 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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