W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 8 matches

Re-scheduled week 8, 2016-2017 serie a round on the most eye-catching duel is napoli and roma, the venue at the stadio SAN paolo.7 after the race, just 1 minute gap between the two teams, can say it is close, very close between the two teams not only occurred in this season, they experience the fate has always been about.

Date of Time The home teamThe visiting team 2016/10/15 (Saturday)At 21:00NaplesThe Roman 2016/10/16 (Sunday)00:00pescarasamp 2016/10/16 (Sunday)02:45Juventusudinese 2016/10/16 (Sunday)18:30FlorenceAtlanta, 2016/10/16 (Sunday)At 21:00Genoaempoli 2016/10/16 (Sunday)At 21:00Inter milancagliari 2016/10/16 (Sunday)At 21:00laziobologna 2016/10/16 (Sunday)At 21:00Mr SolowWithin the g’s 2016/10/17 (Monday)02:45chievoAC milan
2016/10/18 (Tuesday)02:45PalermoTurin,

Naples VS Rome,

In the past three seasons, there are two seasons, the two teams alternating won the runner-up and third place in serie a, for the enemy to unite together against juve, try our best to shorten the distance, and of course have failed to shake the dominance of Juventus, Juventus have five even in serie a champions league now.The bianconeri from each of the two clubs losing a player, pia, and higuain, himNow all became a member of the old woman.

The operation to move god and strengthened the protection of the bianconeri in serie a again, also weaken the power of Rome and Naples team undoubtedly, second team and league leaders have kicked off the 4 points, this is the best example.Now, this not a few rounds in poor mandarin duck is the start of the league showdown it face to face, they should be more concerned about is not pulling away, not catch up with the leaders.

After the eighth round last season, Juventus due to a bad start only 14 of the league, and napoli andRome was located in 4 and 2 respectively.This season and allegri’s team is likely to be on a good start to the league, so this season is a light, take a look at the two teams should be how to build, can truly to mount effective champion throne.

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