Recommend 2016-2017 method currently sit 10 matches

Beijing standard time on October 22, 2016 when 02:45 method currently sit 10 rounds, Monaco vs montpellier.Meetings between the two sides in recent 10 games, Monaco won 6 4 flat exaggeration, basic is rolling to montpellier.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 222/016/10 (Saturday)02:45MonacoMontpellier, 2016/10/22 (Saturday)23:00Lyonguingamp 2016/10/23 (Sunday)2:00angersToulouse, 2016/10/23 (Sunday)2:00bordeauxNancy 2016/10/23 (Sunday)2:00Dijonlorient 2016 /10/23 (Sunday)2:00lillebastia 2016/10/23 (Sunday)2:00nantesRyan 2016/10/23 (Sunday)At 21:00caenSt. dean 2016/10/23 (Sunday)23:00macenice 2016/10/24 (Monday)02:45St germainmarseille

“The strongV > Monaco montpellier,

19 points 1, Monaco is 9 games was ranked third, scored 23 goals lost 12, attack ability is very strong.The team this season, scoring efficiency is very high, the team goal scored 23 goals in 104 in the first place.

2, Monaco round of the champions league on the road, a 1-1 draw against cska Moscow flat 1 negative in two games.Recently at home is very stable, nearly 7 5 wins and two draws at home, there are five games all have a goal.

3, montpellier, now 10 points 9 games was ranked 15th, lose 1Seven goals bad defense.They need to improve the ability to grasp the opportunity in the field and the team 98 shots and he shot wide 56 times.

4, montpellier, round of league in home 3-2 win over caen, ending eight games in a row, nearly 2 wars scored six goals did well.On the road without fighting capacity, the league against the harvest only 2 points.

5, the two sides nearly six meetings, Monaco 4 win 2 draw, 4 win 2 draw at home.The event points, nearly six meetings between the parties out four balls.

Monaco in the near future, both 2 consecutive games without a slump, but has not lost a home securityWhile montpellier last 2 1 win 1 draw, with obviously strengthened, the good news is that the offensive end recovery, they face the exhaustion of Monaco has hope points, this montpellier unbeaten.

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