W88.com recommended 10 matches of the bundesliga, 2016-2017

2016-2017 season, the bundesliga round 10, the first round of play: hertha Berlin VS door xing will in November 5 (Saturday) at 03:30 am kick-off.Action, attention please!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/11/5 (Saturday)03:30Hertha BerlinThe door is popular 2016/11/5 (Saturday)22:30Bayer leverkusendarmstadt 2016/11/5 (Saturday)22:30Bayern Munichhoffenheim 2016/11/5 (Saturday)22:30Because of the gore Tuesdayaugsburg 2016/11/5 (Saturday)22:30HamburgBorussia Dortmund 2016/11/5 (Saturday)22: 30freiburgWolfsburg, 2016/11/6 (Sunday)01:30Frankfurtcologne 2016/11/6 (Sunday)22:30RB leipzigmainz 2016/11/7 (Monday)00:30Schalke 04Werder Bremen

Hertha Berlin VS door xing,

Hertha Berlin,

Hertha Berlin technique as a wholeTo counter a Lord, a solid team defense against high efficiency at the same time, in the first nine rounds of averaging 8.8 shots, 3 of the bundesliga is low, but scored 14 goals, two level before scoring efficiency.

Hertha Berlin home fighting capacity, nearly 20 bundesliga home 13-4 flat 3, in which all four before this season, eight goals conceded just 2 goals, attacking manner.

Hertha Berlin, breaking the deadlock, 7 time this season the bundesliga’s most more than 2, winning five wins and two draws, strong ability of leading team, advanced basic equal unbeaten.

The hertha skipper, veteran strikerIraq than give up this season still maintain a high level, contribution 9 rounds before 6 balls 3 assists, its nearly five scored five goals and 2 assists, personal status.

Borussia monchengladbach in

Door with hertha Berlin nearly 10 meetings, 6 wins and a draw 3 negative, for two consecutive season double rivals, including road 4-1 victory last season, trailing encounter huge advantage.

Door is popular, as one of the representatives of the German offensive football, advocating offense, array of small and medium-sized azar, Hahn, Raphael and ShiTing del strike young talents are growing up in recent years, have extremely strongThe ball skills.

Back door and two absolute main force, small midfield azar, main striker rafael are recovering from their injuries, greatly improve the team’s attack strength, some small azar central European champions league starting line-up and 1 assists, and Raphael as a substitute.

Match analysis:

Hertha Berlin shelter-forest, the overall strength of the bundesliga team defensive tactics dozen, seventh place in the premiership last season, nine rounds of the season after five wins and two draws two negative no. 5.The door and the overall strength of the bundesliga upstream, as in recent yearsThe German youth representatives of storm scene passion, 9 rounds before the season 3-3-3 no. 11.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: this than plug recommend door refusal under 0.5 1 ball games.

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