W88.com: 2016-2017 method yet recommended 12 matches

2016-2017 season, yet 12 rounds when 03:45 at GaiWeiLun stadium on November 5.Montpellier VS marseille will open the first fight,, die another day let us wait and see!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/11/5 (Saturday)03:45Montpellier,marseille 2016/11/6 (Sunday)00:00MonacoNancy 2016/11/6 (Sunday)03:00angerslille 2016/11/6 (Sunday)03:00bordeauxlorient 2016/11/6 (Sunday)03:00Dijonguingamp 2016/11/6 (On Sunday)03:00Lyonbastia 2016/11/6 (Sunday)03:00nantesToulouse, 2016/11/6 (Sunday)22:00caennice 2016/11/7 (Monday)00:00maceSt. dean 2016/11/7 (Monday)03:45St germainRyan

Montpellier VS marseille

Montpellier status:

16th montpellier, at present only at the top of the table, the team after 11 games, no less just scored 11 points, 1 points per game average, never even better than this season, lost in a row, then the state of the whole team is not stable.

The previous round in their tenacious away at lorient, 5-1 with 2-2, this season has not yet to win away, that is to say, they all 2 victory is in my own home.Montpellier defense last seasonThis season to solve the problem of poor still can’t be solved, before the match against Lyon single-game be drank five goals, and before the game against Monaco single-game were drank six goals, the quality of the team’s overall defensive state is difficult to stabilize.And this season they are aggressive, have three defender line-up, who face the same without victory of marseille, if the team defense quality does not improve, is likely to marseille’s first away win.

Marseille are:

Marseille’s recent form has gradually stabilized, they have been in the league, three consecutive games without conceding a goal to do thisIs not easy, now they have to think about how to strengthen the team itself is very weak attack.

Bordeaux last round of the team is at home with the score of the 0-0 draw.Although ultimately failed to win, but marseille at least keep the suppression of bordeaux at home, now the offensive team, especially on the front several players, to much better than at the beginning of the season.This is an opportunity for marseille, after all, this week’s European competitions, the strong teams from ligue 1 under the premise of poor physical fitness, can take advantage of this opportunity to catch up in marseille.

Blowing: in the recentHand 10 games, montpellier, had three wins and a draw six negative success, there is no doubt that at a disadvantage, and 3 times last season and they are a draw against marseille.

Now, the state is certainly worth looking forward to marseille, the only problem is that they do on the road this season hasn’t won the ball.

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