W88 garage Joe Bryant flying!Crazy three points which show the most can let you kneel

Beijing time on November 8th, the warriors against pelicans, a new record in the NBA, Stephen curry single hit 13 3-pointers, broken by he and Bryant Marshall 12 3-point record kept together.This historic moment, and finally in kobe retires after the first season, come.

This two years, all kinds of related to three records, were garage and the two brothers Thompson is broken, only has 12 3 single-game record, repeatedly “who” might be.A total of six games before a single reservoir3 points reached double digits, last season against the thunder hit 12 3 points, but just not Pierce this enough.Also no wonder people ridicule, garage is honey, he will keep the record of volute retired after the break.

In fact, in addition to the garage, and a few 3 points in NBA history geek, there have been such a crazy spurt of 3 points, let’s come together to take stock, what are the players in history have been crazy.

The j.r. Smith.

Knight nerve knife though when cast up spirit is ineffective, but perhaps which day is he stepped on something.JR career has hit three 3-pointers in double game, second only to the garage in history, ranking tied for second place.

Craig Thompson,

3 points and 10 + events tied for second with upstairs is the soup god, really belongs to him, of course, is the most NB record: single section 9 three points, three points and 11 playoff game.

Kobe Bryant,

From 2003 to today, the lakers legend initiativeSingle-game 12 three points record that stood for 13 years.

Tang Neil Marshall. “

2 years after the birth of Bryant’s record, was tied, can such bounds Marshall was a winner in life.

Chandler parsons –

Grosvenor LTD handsome half the record of 10 three points, garage and make your move.

Tracy McGrady ()

35 seconds into four 3 points at the end of the match, my perfect moment.

Ray Allen,

8 finals game three points, was born in 2010, in three points before the league spokesman but the gentleman.”

Danny green

13 years in game 7, thrown into 27 3 historical records, for the heat noDo you want to.

Michael – Jordan what record all have me

Three points is flying, but even a short board, six finals half three signs so far no one match.


Record this guy is too much, not go one by one.

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