W88 casino double “11″ crazy large flow transmitted (activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

“1111″ is not lonely, optimal, let you more warmth!Singles day double end, rush to optimal DE W88 snapped up 500 m mobile traffic!!!!First first, too!To superior to DE double “11″, we be there or be square!

Rules and terms:

1. The activity time: 00:00:00 on November 7, 2016, To 23:59:59 on November 13, (Beijing time).
2. This activity is suitable for the optimal DE W88, registration of all the members.
3. Only for during the top 1111 of preferential membership, limited places, first have to first.
4. During the activity, just for betting on optimal DE reality clubs, western sports and seven slot machinesClub, daily water meet the following requirements can obtain corresponding flow red envelopes:
Package code Spend daysThe daily water betting platformMobile phone flow a.750 or higherOptimal DE reality, sports cl딀 m B7P 100Seven slot cl딀 m C550 or higherOptimal DE reality, sports cl대 m D5P 100Seven slot cl대 m

* the above package members either, only not repeatable.

5.Meet the requirements of the member during the duration of the need to send email to email & # 160; protected application, overdue invalid.
A free header note: double tenth flow
phoneContent: your best DE user name, package code and obtain flow cell phone number.
6. Preferential within 2 working days from the end of the, mobile phone flow will directly top-up to conform to the requirements of the member provided in the mobile phone number, then refer you to look at it.
7. This offer not with the first, and then save and other preferential share of deposit.
8. The optimal DE W88 offer discounts only apply to entertaining players, optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.
9. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

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