W88.com recommended 11 matches of the bundesliga. 2016-2017

On November 19, 2016, Beijing time at 3 a.m., started a bundesliga round 11 games, at home to bayer leverkusen in leipzig, RB.Before the two sides did not record, the home team unbeaten 4 win 1 draw last five matches, the visitors all past five games.Can this battle bayer leverkusen game of monopoly 3 points?

Date of Time The home team The the visiting team 2016/11/19 (Saturday)03:30Bayer leverkusenRB leipzig 2016/11/19 (Saturday)22:30mainzfreiburg 2016/11/19 (Saturday)22:30The door is popularcologne 2016/11/19 (Saturday)22:30augsburgHertha Berlin 2016/11/19(Saturday)22:30darmstadtBecause of the gore Tuesday 2016/11/19 (Saturday)22:30Wolfsburg,Schalke 04 2016/11/20 (Sunday)01:30Borussia DortmundBayern Munich 2016/11/20 (Sunday)22:30hoffenheimHamburg 2016/11/21 (Monday)00:30Werder BremenFrankfurt

Bayer leverkusen VSRB leipzig,

: is it going with the home team at home to bayer leverkusen in the last round of league Damon roth, with karhan oulu after the opener, brent and Charles Alan Nyquist successively, eventually beat rivals, 3-2 in the harvest in all 4 in a row, five matches unbeaten.Team this season, because of the multiple fronts league grades slipped, 10 rounds the bundesliga only five wins and a draw four negative mediocre results, but home form is still hot, five league game this season to win 3 games, home strength guaranteed.

: is it going with the visiting team from last season in leipzig, promotion of RB b this season in the students’ impressive performance, 10 battle the bundesliga seven wins 3 flat in losses, temporarily under 24 points with strong team bayern points, ranking second championship by goal difference, leading He Fen salty four points behind him.Team form recently, keep a wavelength of 19 games unbeaten record of events.In the latest round of league, RB leipzig beauty at home against mainz 05, striker Werner brace, midfielder, berry in 21 minutes also contribute to a goal, is not over in the first half, the team early in the lockA 3-1 victory.

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