W88 casino2016 re-scheduled week 13 rounds of competition – 2017 method is recommended

On November 19, 2016, Beijing time at 2:00 method currently sit 13 rounds of lorient vs Monaco.State of the game to remove factors, only see power the visitors also can have a possibility to let the ball.This may be linked to the national team, physical strength than the opponent.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/11/19 (Saturday)2:00lorientMonaco 2016/11/19 (Saturday)03:45lilleLyon 2016/11/20 (Sunday)00:00St germainnantes 2016/11/20 (Sunday)03:00bastiaMontpellier, 2016/11/20 (Sunday)03:00NancyThe firstDijon 2016/11/20 (Sunday)03:00Ryanangers 2016/11/20 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,mace 2016/11/20 (Sunday)22:00guingampbordeaux 2016/11/21 (Monday)00:00marseillecaen 2016/11/21 (Monday)03:45St. deannice

Lorient VS Monaco

1. Lorient on one game lost on the road to a 1-2 score to bordeaux.This is their last five games in a row away.In this a few games, their strength is not too strong.

2. Lorient now ranking is the last one they only scored seven points in total points.Is a win on September.They were at home to a 1-0 victory over Lyon.

3. After lorient in October, a total of only got 1

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