Recommend re-scheduled week 16 matches w882016-2017 method

Beijing time on December 3rd 03:45 usher in a wonderful game, method yet 16 wheel by the home team against the visiting team Dijon caen.The home side French caen current season ranked 15th, and the visiting team Dijon French ranked 14th of the current season.Two teams this season’s performance is not very ideal, which Dijon compared to last season’s performance and falling.

Date of Time The the home team The visiting team 2016/12/3 (Saturday)03:45caenDijon 2016/12/4 (Sunday)00:10Montpellier,St germain 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:00angerslorient 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:00bordeauxlille 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:00guingampnantes 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:00maceLyon 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:00Monacobastia 2016/12/4 (Sunday)22:00RyanSt. dean 2016/12/5 (Monday)00:00marseilleNancy 2016/ 12/5 (Monday)03:45niceToulouse,

Caen VS Dijon,

Unconsciously, has entered the ligue 1 to 16 matches played nearly half say season caen now into the relegation of vortex.This season the team only 4 win 2 draw 9 negative bad record, compared to the same period last season and is a bowl.Caen though rob of home or to a certain extent, and the game was facing the newly promoted Dijon, the three points should be within the team planMood.As a French championship, Dijon struggling in the league midweek league they difficult draw at home to Monaco, I finally stopped falling.But the team recently six league matches a winning is hard to find, and we haven’t won a game, the team avoid relegation road full of thorns.In recent years, the two sides met in b more schedule to meet, it is also a 50-50, straighten the first RongRe mentality, away to get a draw is not impossible.

At lille in caen last round of league 2:4 shellacking, three rounds of league there, all competitions nearly lost six foot eight, weakness.The team at present for the leagueThird, averaging 0.87 scoring less tied for third, lost more than 1.8 second ball, on both ends are nothing;And Dijon last round of league with Mr Mali napolitano winner, held to a 1-1 draw at home to strong in Monaco, but the whole team performance in general, all competitions has six games without a win of the season so far seven on the road is only two flat five negative, almost no resistance force of visit.Team at present for the league 15th, only one point ahead of the relegation zone, the game will be started in advance of the relegation battle.

Both sides in seven meetings between the two victories form the balance of power, but caen seven times at home to DijonFour wins three unbeaten, home-court advantage is obvious.In recent results from both teams more worst case, a move or to lure, this battle caen is expected to put an end to the trend.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended caen let the hemisphere wins the game.

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