W88 fishing talent

“Fishing’s got talent” Innovation mermaid leader and pirate ships to send pattern, open fishing play a new chapter!Choose to play chang bullet limit range 】 【 win ~

Fishing talent: [game] wallet account, so you need to transfer the required amount before the game to the account of the [game].The diagram below:

After the success of the transfer, you can login to the game page chang shuang fishing talent 】 【.The diagram below:

Login to the game pageAfter, please select the bullet limit range 】 【 into the game.The diagram below:

Game page top right corner for “gameplay”, including “music” and “game show”.

[music] : the game sound, you can drag the yellow button to close the sound.Game description: the winning design.
“Settlement” : to view your game record.The diagram below:

Game shows, as follows:

If you do not transfer to the game account, you will be promptedYour balance is insufficient.The diagram below:

Cash gold scale: 1 yuan = 1 gold COINS.As shown in the above, small make up have been successfully transfer 500 yuan to the fishing game purse, so $500 = 500 gold COINS.You can think of 500 gold (into) in the game, and fully take 】 【 can also manually enter click [take currency] specifies the amount of gold COINS.

Game page will complete according to your current balance cumulative jackpot 】 【 】 【 account information 】 【 settlement 】 【 winning or losing amount], etc.Warm prompt: fishing swimming talentEach gun play for 1 yuan (equivalent), you can right click on the page of “-” or “+” to adjust your each amount.The diagram below:

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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