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Beijing time on December 10th, 2016, 03 when 30 points in a wonderful tournament, Frankfurt against the visiting team by the home side hoffenheim.The bundesliga fourth home in Frankfurt, the current season, and the visiting team hoffenheim current bundesliga season ranked sixth.Two teams in the previous competition performance was quite good.

Date of Time The home team The guestTeam 2016/12/10 (Saturday)03:30Frankfurthoffenheim 2016/12/10 (Saturday)22:30cologneBorussia Dortmund 2016/12/10 (Saturday)22:30Bayern MunichWolfsburg, 2016/12/10 (Saturday)22:30Because of the gore TuesdayRB leipzig 2016/12 /10 (Saturday)22:30Hamburgaugsburg 2016/12/10 (Saturday)22:30freiburgdarmstadt 2016/12/11 (Sunday)01:30Hertha BerlinWerder Bremen 2016/12/11 (Sunday)22:30The door is popularmainz 2016/12/12 (Monday)00:30Schalke 04Bayer leverkusen

The Frankfurt VS hoffenheim

1. Frankfurt and hoffenheim are 25 points, Frankfurt got 7 victories in front.They are three wins and a draw in recent match.The home is 2 to 1 victory over borussia Dortmund, and a 1-0 victory over cologne.

2. Frankfurt team is not a lot of stars.They top scorer MEL is already a veteran of 83.Cheng long valley and defence department general star is Japan’s strength.

3. Hoffenheim into nowPerformance is 6-7, is the second only unbeaten team the bundesliga.Their performance last season is not good, really good this season.

4. On a game hoffenheim to score 4-0 victory at home to cologne.Their recent only 2-2 draw with Hamburg it is a more than one goal.

Frankfurt, the home team has won the German champions, DE second runner-up, and so on honor, the current competition or performance is very good, in last season’s game, the players’ performance is not too ideal, whole without mutual coordination, and the players competition consciousness or master is bad, howeverOn the team strength still has certain advantages, the ball to do well on the pitch, but still need to strengthen the training of the scoring rate, stealing the ball is also very little on the pitch.

The visitors’ hoffenheim has won the second runner-up, and so on honor, on the recent performance of the game, not making much progress, in the home, the players didn’t get good grades, the matching of the players is not enough in place, their own dribbling and so on also needs to strengthen, on the road, the players still need to strengthen the exercise of defense, in defense, players are obviously inadequate.Overall, the whole teamWu or work harder on its strength.

Of course, it is also an expression of the two teams last season, the match for hoffenheim is also a big challenge, let we look forward to their excellent performance.

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