W88 kanaike club (GPI) – a cash cow

Kanaike club “cash cow” slot machine game on the new, auspicious luck is like a golden autumn rain down from the tree, more prizes waiting for you to take!

A cash cow is a 5 axis is a way of winning 243 online slot machine game.Riches and honour auspicious cash cow, to help you win a big prize!

Compensation table information is as follows.The diagram below:

The game contains a joker pattern, pattern 】 【 indiana 】, 【 free rotation, “instant win” and”Double random free rotation.

Joker 】Replace all the symbols, in addition to the “thing”, appeared in the scroll 2, 3, and 4.

[thing], 3 or more starting from the scroll 1 from left to right will trigger continuous: free rotation – cash cow.Free rotation repeatable triggered.

Cash cow slot machine game, there were 20 times free rotation, 15 free rotation, free rotation, eight free 10 timesRotate free, 5 times, and multiplied by the different ratio of random double award.

Look small make up games to introduce, easily 400 ocean pocket!Bonus to is so easy, this is definitely a geely and very lovable slot machine game!You also go for?The login website immediately into real money mode win bonuses!

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