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Beijing time on December 17, 2016, 3 in the morning 45 points, method yet 18 wheel is about to usher in the first game, from the perspective of the performance of last season, nantes team at present, there is no more than his teammates absolute star power is better.Frontcourt duo and jose and Sarah is the most famous of these.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/12/17 (Saturday)03:45angersnantes 2016/12/18 (Sunday)00:00guingampSt germain 2016/12/18 (Sunday)03:00caenmace 2016/12/18 (Sunday)03:00lorientSt. dean 2016/12/18 (Sunday)03:00Montpellier,bordeaux 2016/12/18 (Sunday)03:00Ryanbastia 2016/12/18 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,Nancy 2016/12/19 (Monday)22:00niceDijon 2016/12/19 (Monday)00:00marseillelille 2016/12/19 (Monday)03:45MonacoLyonThe

Angers VS nantes in

Fighting nearly six times, angers three wins and a draw.Last meeting at the end of the season league cup third round, angers away 1-2 lost to nantes.Angers performance this season in ligue 1 well, now with 19 section 12th in the table.Team situation is not so good recently, the last round away 2-0 defeat to Nancy, nearly 5 rounds ligue 1 2 3 negative.Angers recently home dozen of general, nearly five home made 1-3-1, including five goal is.

Nantes today season in ligue 1With poor, now with 13 section in 19th.Recent league team is still weak, nearly 7 rounds of French harvest two draws five negative, but playing league cup 3-1 defeat montpellier, temporarily stopped.Nantes road capacity is not strong, have encountered 3 in a row, including the goal that has eight goals to one.More than the mainstream companies starting grids with flat intraday high water on half opened, afternoon stage without too much adjustment.Angers recent performance is not very good, home dozen of general, obviously not sure winning nantes, in the land of the tray support is not strong, flat half high water not fully reflects the home-court advantage, and the compensate compensate and low compensate people at Goldman sachs, William hill given moreFor adverse wins and ran out of the Lord.Angers no guarantee victory, the footwall is remarkable.

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