W88.com optimal DE lottery new promotion

Optimal DE W88 lottery maintain, on the basis of the original game, is a bet on the game interface is optimized, the updated betting more concise interface, and beautiful.A variety of betting, fast the lottery and win something as simple as that!

After the login website choose “lottery” into the game.The diagram below:

In order to improve the gameplay, happy in color, lottery, lottery 3 d added 30 seconds to speed the lottery (pictured),

The : In the latest version of the user interface, add a few function keys from left to right, respectively is:

(1) game: players can check my betting history records through the game, the game record can view to nearly 7 days, up to 4000 the betting history.

(2) favourite game, players can according to individual be fond of, oneself be fond of of species to add to the game.

(3) screening the game: the lottery of the communist party of China is divided into happy color, brings, 3 d lottery, 11 x5, players can screen individuals need to look at themselvesGame types.

(4) popular game: this feature allows players to see to devote most at present, the most popular game.

Figure 2:11 21998871611219982387The information displayed with the same way in the baccarat, can view the game related to play the lottery record, according to the personal judgment for betting.

Figure 3:11 21998871611219982387From left to right are: 1. The rules of the game.2. Add to favorites.

Figure 4: here you can see the game time, can enter the corresponding game, after click the following image:

Such as Above 1Shows, players can enter the lottery brings 30 seconds game again at the same time, also can check other betting types.This setting can be more convenient to check the lottery information, timely judge and betting, seize every chance of winning.

Above 21998871611219982387 2:11A lot of people for “rebates” and “multiple” is not really.Small make up can beTo give you a simple introduce!

Rebates: Players can choose according to individual needs, the highest 7% rebates, when betting system according to bet the principal return a certain amount of bets made in proportion, it is important to note rebates minimum amount is 1 cent, cannot return less than 1 cent.But in the choice after rebates, players actually betting amount will be reduced accordingly, after winning the profit will be reduced by about 7%.
Multiple: This feature and the function is the same, the attention, manual input[1], the number in the item, not betting amount 】 【 but 】 【 select betting, in the lottery, every note betting amount according to the player selected norm for betting, minimum bets are: 2 yuan, 2 horns, 2 yuan.Multiples is according to the selected norm, double on bets the function keys.

In the updated version, the rules of the game without any change, is more human, on the gameplay and render rich player’s gaming experience!

If you have any question in the process of game, please timely consult our 7 x24 hours online customer service, IThey will serve you wholeheartedly!

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