W882016-2017 premier league matches 17 recommendations

Beijing time on December 17, 20, 2016 at the premier league 17th round, Chelsea went to Xie Hesi park challenge crystal palace.Chelsea in midweek league away against sunderland, azar, William assists fabregas scored the only goal the match, Chelsea had premiership 10 in a row, edge capacity with six points, and state.

Date of Time The the home team The visiting team 12/17/2016 (Saturday)Manner ofThe crystal palaceChelsea 12/17/2016 (Saturday)23:00middlesbroughSwansea 12/17/2016 (Saturday)23:00Stoke cityLester 12/17/2016 (Saturday)23:00sunderlandwatford
12/17/2016 (Saturday)23:00West hamHull city 12/18/2016 (Sunday)01:30West bromManchester united 12/18/2016 (Sunday)At 21:30bournemouthSouthampton 12/19/2016 (Monday)00:00Manchester cityArsenal 12/19/2016 (Monday)00:00spursburnley 12/20/2016 (Tuesday)At 4evertonLiverpool

Crystal palace vs Chelsea

Crystal palace at home to Manchester united in midweek league, pogba final stage in the first half first goal for Manchester united the lead, crystal palace with the MacArthur break equalised in the second half.After ledley box handball and the referee didn’t blow, mata scoring was offside is null and void.Zlatan ibrahimovic scored in the 87th minute after pogba assists dead ball, crystal palace, after the home defeat in the integralA list of 16.

The two sides nearly nine meetings, Chelsea have seven about 2, trailing occupy absolute advantage.Away 1-0 win over sunderland, Chelsea have won the premier league’s 10 in a row.Not only that, but in the championship, the blues have six points behind the recent followers.What is the reason?Chelsea has premier a strongest central axis.The centerline of the west, by David lewis, of cantor and diego – costa.Since this season from Paris st germain, since a move to Chelsea has disputed, Louis, has became the most solid part of Chelsea’s defence.From the premiership champions this season leicester city switch to Chelsea kanter, also played a huge role.As for the striker diego – costa, he has scored 12 goals, is the most important weapon of the team.

Crystal palace in the face of the Manchester united game completely at a disadvantage, not because the referee’s help team will probably have a debacle, the game in the face of the Chelsea I’m afraid there is no strike back.The game starting grids to let the ball out, compared with before the dish is higher, the guest dish is relatively strong;On disc although there are signs of continuing premium in the afternoon, the move can be seen as institutions in order to reduce the confidence of the disc intervention, in pointsHeat flow the visitors;O compensate, William hill continued low open guest – odds value, in order to reduce pay, and the instant wins index lift discrete;Taken together, the pace of Chelsea is expected to continue the game in a row.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Chelsea to 2,

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