W882016-2017 recommended 15 matches of the bundesliga

Beijing time on December 17 03:30 Saturday, 15 of the bundesliga round of a war with focus, hoffenheim wait for borussia Dortmund in Rhine – card in arena.Hoffenheim look this season, the league fourth over borussia Dortmund, and is the only a league unbeaten team, although the hornets have power, road attack will also feel a little pressure, I’m afraid.Another big attraction, also rumbled nagel ‘t figure hull battle also anticipated.

The game date Time The home team The visiting team 2016/12/17 (Saturday)03:30hoffenheimBorussia Dortmund 2016/12/17 (Saturday)22:30mainzHamburg 2016/12/17 (Saturday)22:30augsburgThe door is popular 2016/ 12/17 (Saturday)22:30Schalke 04freiburg 2016/12/17 (Saturday)22:30RB leipzigHertha Berlin 2016/12/17 (Saturday)22:30Werder Bremencologne 2016/12/18 (Sunday)01:30Wolfsburg,Frankfurt 2016/12/18 (Sunday)22:30darmstadtBayern Munich

The 2016/12/19 (Monday)00:30Bayer leverkusenBecause of the gore Tuesday

Hoffenheim vs Dortmund in

Hoffenheim at Frankfurt full passive last round of league to eventually rely on excellent defensive 0-0 draw with rivals, season unbeaten record continues, in two games to zero rivals, back a lot of progress.Team stronger at home, nearly five home four wins a flat, is spectacular.For the fourth, is currently the only German teamUnbeaten team, averaging 1.79 scoring more than 4, the damage.But the team including three card Mr Baker centre-back will be missing, that a lot of influence on the team.Borussia Dortmund at cologne last round of league performance, eventually with Royce dead thrilling draw opponent, a win in all competitions last three games two flat, overall trend is general, just one win in their last five road is, averaging two goals conceded, during the visit poor defense.Now for the sixth in the league, averaging 2.29 scoring the second, more damage is quite fierce.But now in suffered injuries, including skin cut g, latticeAnd bill base and so on several major injury, the overall strength.

Two teams have met 18 games in history, hoffenheim 4-6-8.16 times over the two teams met in the bundesliga, hoffenheim 4-6 flat, 20 goals in 23 goals, three home – 3-2, 10 balls, scoring 12 goals last season is at home to put an end to the bumblebee 11 straight all competitions.This bumblebee can deal with a man as he deals with you, end the season unbeaten record huo village completed revenge is remarkable.

The dish, the crown mainstream companies such as general hemisphere on the plateWater early morning, afternoon stage common in high water by half on a tray.Borussia Dortmund recent defensive, poor record also not good, not common hoffenheim away to no perfect confidence win, and dish support is not strong, want to know more than last season, but let the ball on the road and a half, now is the one and a half, which reflect the position has not been tough enough.Now than the problems, on the road to attack a winning grasp, the alert to upset.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend hoffenheim refusal under 0-0.5 – the game ball.

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