W88.com fishing of main – iphone client

Highly anticipated, the long-awaited fishing of the main apple mobile shock online!Ten thousand people fishing arcade, cool hot style game.Daily login and receive rich gold awards, online upgrade.Cheong fun game anytime and anywhere, everything is in the palm of you!

Only three steps to complete download fishing of Lord – iphone version!Mobile game fishing is so simple and convenient, follow the pace of small make up together ~

to download games

Warm prompt: apple tablet can also download and install the game normally.But the size doesn’t fit, may cause the pagePoor quality, influence your normal game of visual effect, therefore, it is recommended that you use apple mobile phone to download and install.

Step 1: method 1:After login optimal DE website, the home page or floating in the “download area” on the left side of the page click enter, then the use of mobile phones qr code scanner, scanning the iphone client fishing of the qr code 】.The diagram below:

Method 2:Mobile phone users can directly use a mobile phone input url: m.w88top.com, pointsStrike directly fishing of main 】 【 download, please operate according to the page.The diagram below:

Method 3:After login website, select the “game” column, find and then click the fishing of main 】 【 : apple’s IOS, client download 】 【 display pop-up window and then click the download 】 【 immediately, please follow the page after the download operation into the web sync to your mobile phone.The diagram below:

partyMethod 4:After login website, select the “game” column, a drop-down menu.See the fishing of main click IOS version download and scan qr code 】 【 】 are available to download.The diagram below:

Step 2:Small make up is the use of mobile phones directly professional qr code scanner, scan above for apple’s IOS version of the qr code to download.Please click on the “open”, then “installation”.(please operate according to the prompt page) below:

The step 3:Into the phone set = & gt;General = & gt;Equipment management, click on the “Green Communications Inc” trust this application.Has been set successfully (verified), can begin fishing of the main game.The diagram below:

Download after a successful login game!!!!Small make up can’t wait!And daily gold reward for oh, click 【 immediately receive 】.The diagram below:

In to make sure that you have enough [fishing] game purseMoney, you can directly select the bottom right hand corner of the hall [bank], will be converted into balance 】 【 [gold].The diagram below:

Warm prompt: RMB 1 yuan = 1000 gold COINS, please enter an integer value.

Right click the page [list] can view your list.Gold list daily update in the morning!Number of gold COINS in the top 20 players will list of gold COINS!”Menu” contains: “contact customer service], [set], [to help], [out of] the function keys, etc.The diagram below:

Five game at your choice:

Sea world (immediately start game) shark bay (10) gold fish farms (level 20)
Li kui split fish (50) deep-sea spittor open (to)

Click “contact customer service” shows superior DE W88, contact phone number and email address, you also can login website for online help, optimal DE W88, customer service will be 7 * 24 hours to provide service for you!

Click “Settings” you can choose the game [volume], [sound], and [all mute].

Click on the “help” to the help center, fish, weapons and props will be displayed to pay accordingly.The diagram below:

Upgrade is also have gold reward!Click on the [get].Game on the right side of the page shows “lock” and “automatic” function keys, you can directly see the your experience value and accelerate 】 【 】.The diagram below:

Wait, target, imminent!Game simple and easy-to-use, for young and old, click on the screen to complete the first stone.Deep-sea lifelike 3 d visual effects, always a blasting machine, one thousand timesBattery over his volleying, gold full screen fly.Download game winning more gold ~


If you encounter any question in the download and play, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service for help, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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