W88 casino2016-2017 recommended 12 matches of the bundesliga

The bundesliga round 12 a game first, leipzig, RB to bader freiburg nova stadium challenge.RB leipzig team this season biggest dark horse of this round of league in the newly promoted’s 3-2 win over good bayer leverkusen, now 27 points with eight wins 3 flat unbeaten record, beyond the bayern 3 point lead cost.

Date of Time The home team “The strong> the visiting team 2016/11/26 (Saturday)03:30freiburgRB leipzig 2016/11/26 (Saturday)22:30cologneaugsburg 2016/11/26 (Saturday)22:30The door is popularhoffenheim 2016/11/26 (Saturday)22:30FrankfurtBorussia Dortmund 2016/11/26 (weeks6)22:30Because of the gore TuesdayWolfsburg, 2016/11/26 (Saturday)22:30HamburgWerder Bremen 2016/11/27 (Sunday)01:30Bayern MunichBayer leverkusen 2016/11/27 (Sunday)22:30Schalke 04darmstadt 2016/11/28 (Monday)00:30Hertha Berlinmainz

The freiburg VSRB leipzig,


In the last two meetings between the parties, freiburg 1 win 1 draw.

The recent trends 】

Freiburg: the outcome – call

RB: in leipzig – - – - – -

【 little data 】

RB in leipzig, all in the past six times the bundesliga game victory.

Freiburg the bundesliga game 5 times in the past, each goal of more than 2.5.

Four times in the past the bundesliga game in leipzig, RB, scoring no less than two at a time.

【 event related 】

Two defeats freiburg in urgent need to improve balance, they are good at creating opportunities on the offensive end, but after losing possession needs to keep complete line.

6 in a row of RB leipzig is high on the top of the bundesliga, they are unbeaten in the league this season golden body has not been broken, thanks to their style and the high pressure there is quite a threat.

Estimated in leipzig, RB pressurised freiburg right from the start.

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