W88.com: 2016-2017 method recommended re-scheduled week 14 matches

Beijing time on November 26, 2016 03:45, 2016/2017 re-scheduled week 14 rounds of competition in the lane VS against Toulouse.From both sides now in ligue 1 performance, obviously or Ryan’s ability to become more prominent, and Toulouse in the away fighting ability is limited, so the game against like Ryan continued success, of course, on both sides.

Date of Time The < stronThe home side g >The visiting team 2016/11/26 (Saturday)03:45RyanToulouse, 2016/11/27 (Sunday)00:10Monacomarseille 2016/11/27 (Sunday)03:00bordeauxDijon 2016/11/27 (Sunday)03:00caenguingamp 2016/11/27 (Sunday)03:00macelorient 2016/11/27 (Sunday)03:00Montpellier,Nancy 2016/11/27 (Sunday)03:00nanteslille 2016/11/27 (Sunday)22:00angersSt. dean 2016/11/28 (Monday)00:00nicebastia 2016/11/28 (Monday)03:45LyonSt germain

Ryan vs Toulouse,

1. Ryan in a game against the angers, the opponents, Ryan soon scored in the first half, but they are rivals in the second half.The pitch they have 6 times nine shots for the opponent.

2. Ryan in front of the 13 rounds of the game got 6 games, now is 21 points, ranked in the sixth temporarily, but only 1 minute gap between their fourth Lyon.

3. In recentlyRyan’s 1-0 triumph against the mace and 1-1 draw at bordeaux and performance better than away.

4. The visiting team now is 5-4 and 4.Toulouse is 19 points, has not been the home team to distance.

5. On the road of Toulouse recently is 1-2 and 1, their away record is far worse than at home.

6. On both sides in the near future, as the home team at home is 2-4, performance is not good.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Ryan let the hemisphere wins the game.

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