W88 casino2016 recommended re-scheduled week 15 matches – 2017 method

The new season, 2016-2017 method yet 15 rounds, first against lille VS caen.Who another day, stay tuned!

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/11/30 (Wednesday)2:00lillecaen 2016/11/30 (Wednesday)2:00lorientRyan 2016/11/30 (Wednesday)04:00DijonMonaco 2016/12/01 (Thursday)2:00bastiabordeaux 2016/12/01 (Thursday)2:00guingampnice 2016/12/01 (Thursday)2:00Nancymace 2016/12/01 (Thursday)2:00nantesLyon 2016/12/01 (Thursday)2:00St. deanmarseille

The 2016/12/01 (Thursday)2:00Toulouse,Montpellier, 2016/12/01 (Thursday)04:00St germainangers

Lille VS caen,

S lille away 0-0 stuffy and nantes, nearly four rounds of league one and losing 3.His rehabilitation for the buddy in midfield and the striker this province are returned from injury.Captain defensive midfielder Rio mavuba started (9) injury to a truce last week for several weeks.S. shankar midfielder ray (11 starting 1) weeksLifting the ban.Main backbone west willy, 33, whose contract expires this summer, but his desire to play as soon as possible to return to Argentina, has asked the club hope that winter will leave.Club selection is still inconclusive, the former Paris boss blank refused the invitation, interim coach carlo can only continue to lead.

S caen home draw by guingamp, nearly 7 fight 1 win 1 draw.Goalkeeper, he’s started (14) in the 72th minute of injuries, confirmed the latest news at least another 4 weeks, is expected to return after the break.Central midfield ferre playing a full game from injury, and two long-term injuries in the array.


s lille nearly 12 round 2 wins and two draws.Caen a guest 1 draws and seven defeats this season, and refers to win 1 lose 7, which is 5 times zero closure.Lille nearly 16 caen 12-3-1, nearly nine times battle caen seven wins and two draws.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended lille to 0.5 1 ball.

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