Recommend w882016-2017-13 of the bundesliga matches

Beijing time at 3:30 in the morning of December 3, 2016-2017 season 13 rounds of the bundesliga, bayern Munich away against mainz, is worth looking forward to an offensive war.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/12/3 (Saturday)03:30mainzBayern Munich 2016/12/3 (Saturday)22:30Bayer leverkusenfreiburg 2016/12/3 (Saturday)22:30Borussia DortmundThe door is popular 2016/12/3 (Saturday)22:30Werder BremenBecause of the gore Tuesday 2016/12/3 (Saturday)22:30hoffenheimcologne 2016/12/3 (Saturday)22:30theoFort,Hertha Berlin 2016/12/4 (Sunday)01:30RB leipzigSchalke 04 2016/12/4 (Sunday)22:30darmstadtHamburg 2016/12/5 (Monday)00:30augsburgFrankfurt

Mainz VS bayern Munich,

Bayern Munich are looking forward to continue in a row,

Round 2 to 1 at the stadiumGrams of bayer leverkusen and bayern stopped in a row, on a rare received after a week’s rest time, they have enough energy on the road against mainz, although next week and home on atletico Madrid in the champions league group stage, as bayern have officially team first, as a result, they can focus put.

Lai wan mill scuttled

Recently, bayern’s bad situation with the front players can’t find the goal feeling has a direct relationship, whether it was more than, or muller, struggled in the box, they need to find their own state, in the game behind them, franck ribery, tiffany, he will work hard to create the opportunities for his teammates like.

years bayern advantage

Bayern Munich in the bundesliga history, 14 about 2 4 leading beauty mainz.Nine meetings recently, mainz 8 against bayern Munich, but the latest clash, bayern Munich 2-1 home defeat to mainz.This season, bayern road record for 3-1-1, 8 goals lost 4 ball, ranked third in the bundesliga, mainz home record for 3-1-1, 14 goals, throw 10 goals, from this point, mainz and bayern Munich have a spell power.

Mainz attack is strong weak,


12 rounds, mainz ranked ninth with 17 points, scored 22 goals, the team ranked 4 of the bundesliga damage, but also lost 22 goals, the team ranked fifth, defensive attack is strong weak, the team’s top scorer both has scored 6 goals, assists 5 times, is the soul in the team attack, there are four players scored 2 goals, at least in the face of strong bayern, blindly defend obviously cannot bring beauty from life, only the brave tapping out, using the soft rib of bayern defender instability, hope they can have a shock.

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