W88 services to help channel

Our customer service team 24 hours service for you with all sincerity.In order to save your precious time, and we have the common problems in advance to make the corresponding solutions, before contact us, please refer to our “frequently asked questions” and “demonstration tutorial”

Please according to your usual language, the choice is our customer service team:

Add the following 】 【 WeChat public platform preferential first-hand information, the latest information is in our hands!

E-mail: [email & # 160; protected].

Telephone: You can also dial 008602180245688 to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.(you may need to pay the international long distance call).

Or you can by clicking on the “contact us”, the form of message, automatically send email consulting us.We will within 24 hours to give you help!

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