Recommend west re-scheduled week 14, 2016-2017 matches

At 11:15 PM Beijing time on December 3rd, west will focus on the competition on the re-scheduled week 14 rounds of the 2016/17 season, Barcelona at home against real Madrid, it’s impressive Spanish national Derby.At present, six points behind real Madrid, Barcelona it aims to break the merengues season unbeaten golden body, while messi and cristiano ronaldo’s most anticipated game.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/12/3 (Saturday)00 PMgranadasevilla 2016/12/3 (Saturday)Hands onBarcelonaReal Madrid 2016/12/4 (Sunday)01:30He invillarreal 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:45Atletico MadridThe Spanish 2016/12/4 (Sunday)At 19:00betiscelta 2016/12/4 (Sunday)Hands onbilbaoMr Anwar 2016/12/5 (Monday)01:30Allah’sLas palmas 2016/12/5 (Monday)01:30gijonosasuna 2016/12/5 (Monday)03:45valenciamalaga

2016/12/6 (Tuesday)03:45deportivoThe royal society

Barcelona VS real Madrid in

Barcelona VS real Madrid record:

Two teams met 232 times in history, real Madrid 93-48-91 occupy a narrow margin.The two teams in la liga clash 172 times, is also a real advantage, 72-32-68, the team lost 280 goals in 280.Real Madrid at the 86 league games record is only 20-17-49 negative, throw a ball at 17 in 1010 ball.But last season, real Madrid defeated Barcelona 2-1 away from home.

Barcelona VS real Madrid state resolution:

From the point of state, real Madrid clear advantage.The official matches this season, real Madrid unbeaten so far, in the league, real Madrid 3 flat leading unbeaten 10 games, six points ahead of Barcelona.Among them, the real Madrid in la liga this season road, six games five wins and a draw.Last season, he has helped real Madrid to Spanish away game, the merengues have also made good achievements.

By comparison, the state of the Barcelona will be slightly less.The recent five eachCompetition, Barcelona won only two games.Recently two rounds of league, they are only harvest the draw, with real Madrid to the widening gap between the 6 points.At present, barca, ranked second.6 at home this season, Barcelona’s record is 3-2-1 negative, ranked 11th.

Barcelona VS real Madrid game to watch for:

As the world’s most expensive one game, read it, the first is Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo, as is known to all, cristiano ronaldo is the basic of this year’s golden globe, and Lionel messi is likely to be the second place.It is proof that messi, as the most expensive player in the planet, messi to prove yourselfWhen the first position.Two people on the top scorer is set, cristiano ronaldo scored 10 goals lead, Lionel messi scored nine goals.

Zidane real Madrid this season unbeaten so far golden body, and it, they will suffer the most serious test.If real Madrid will be able to move beyond this off beat Barcelona, la liga this season, they are expected to run all the way even for finally, broke the monopoly of the Barcelona in la liga.

, of course, it determines the triple substitutions never stop Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo, omar, suarez, benzema stars play also let a person look forward to.Last season, omar is made in IsraelThe red card, of a friendly, two people is expected to be written.

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