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On December 10th, 2016, Beijing time at 45, is a wonderful event by the home side malaga against the visiting team granada.The home side malaga current la liga season ranked no. 11, while the visitors granada current la liga season ranked 20th.Two teams in the previous competition performance was quite good.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/12/10 (Saturday)03:45malagagranada 2016/12/10 (Saturday)00 PMosasunaBarcelona 2016/12/10 (Saturday)Hands onThe royal societyvalencia 2016/12/11 (Sunday)01:30Las palmasHe in 2016/12 /11 (Sunday)03:45Real Madriddeportivo 2016/12/11 (Sunday)At 19:00Mr AnwarAllah’s 2016/12/11 (Sunday)Hands onceltasevilla 2016/12/12 (Monday)01:30The Spanishgijon 2016/12/12 (Monday)03:45betisbilbao 2016/12/13 (Monday)03:45villarrealAtletico Madrid

Malaga VS granada

The home side malaga had won the west b title and so on honor, on the recent performance of the game, at home, although the players is also active attack, but not too big effect, cooperate between the teammates are not enough tacit understanding, each other pass or needs to be strengthened, road conditions, the players also maintain their state when at home, and maintain the balance of the game, the totalPerformance is generally.

The visitors of granada’s current performance is not bad, under the condition of the home also is able to maintain their own victory, the players’ own strength is good, the players between the ball and the ball forward details and so on, are all processing is very good.Of course they must work hard in the overall result.Through tactics and so on to help them win, of course, the main point is to grasp the players is, also have strong ability of random strain, only in this way can get good result.

Above is the two team consists of earlyStep introduction, believe everybody heart have the answer of the game, as long as on the court, will be happen in any circumstance, we have to see whether the players have the confidence.

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