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Beijing time on September 23 (Wednesday) 02:45, will soon celebrate the Italian football league 2015-2016 the fifth round of the game, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/9/23 (Wednesday)02:45udineseAC milan 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45cardEr leatherNaples 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45chievoTurin, 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45Florencebologna 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45Inter milanverona 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45JuventusFrost in the casino 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45laheGenoa 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45PalermoMr Solow 2015/9/24 (Thursday)02:45sampdoriaThe Roman 2015/9/25 (on Friday)02:45empoliAtlanta,

Udinese v AC milan

Udinese are three points 4 rounds of league ranked 17th, in addition to the opening in the guestA 1-0 victory over Juventus is a bright spot, other 3 are all lost.Through into the sheet data, 4 wheel scored 2 goals in the league, lost five goals, slightly less than their offensive ability, like Antonio di natale is team have yet to break the goal drought.2-3 teams in five games, including a victory is the Italian cup, home is 2 in a row.1 to 2 at home defeat to empoli last round league, helpless to swallow 3 in a row.AC milan are 4 rounds of 2-2 record, came in ninth with 6 points.Team home 2 wins and 2 road all war defeat, let a person in the road without peace of mind.Another attack than udinese is strong,Has blown into the five goals in the league.The rossoneri nearly five field has 3 and there was a victory is friendly.The 3-2 victory over Palermo round of league at old trafford.To stop in time.Two teams, udinese nearly six games to get 3-3, 4 wins and a draw at home, at home or have a lot of clout.

AC milan last time on the road is open in the half, starting grids for margin trading.The home team with the deepening of the course, their performance is more and more weak, has recently suffered three defeats.The visiting team 3 rounds of lose Derby, but the wheel 3-2 win at Palermo, this just to avoid losing streak against 2, noA recent game 1 sheet, this is not a good phenomenon.Mesh udinese, trailing not fall in the wind, especially the trailing at home, but nearly 3 in a row is lack, this still bullish on AC milan’s better.

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