W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 15 matches

Beijing time on December 3rd 03:45 usher in a wonderful game, re-scheduled week 15 rounds by the home team of Naples against the visiting team inter milan.The home team napoli currently seventh in the serie a season, and the visiting team inter milan for the current season ranked eighth.Two teams on the strength or the same.

Date of Time The home team The < stron g > the visitors 2016/12/3 (Saturday)03:45NaplesInter milan 2016/12/4 (Sunday)03:45JuventusAtlanta, 2016/12/4 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.AC milanWithin the g’s 2016/12/4 (Sunday)22:00lazioThe Roman 2016/12/4 (Sunday)22:00pescaracagliari 2016/12/4 (Sunday)22:00sampTurin, 2016/12/4 (Sunday)22:00Mr Solowempoli 2016/12/5 (Monday)03:45FlorencePalermo 2016/12/6 (Tuesday)2:00chievoGenoa 2016/12/6 (Tuesday)04:00udinesebologna

Naples VS inter milan

Inter milan coach DE Boer after class, they found the original lazio coach leather ollie.Continuous battle last two games, they are away 2 2 draw with milan, and home 4-2 win against fiorentina.At camp and delay the Kaldi’s performance is very good cases, they are on the offensive end is not inferior to any team a.Inter milan in the winter break, of course, there is the necessity of reinforcing squad, that’s another story.withTeam two league games unbeaten, skin ollie can breathe a sigh of relief.

Naples on one game at home against Mr Solow, their positions in let the ball more than half, the score of the 1 to 1 draw with rivals.Their full advantage is very big, but never find chance scored the second goal.Finally draw opponent is in the 82th minute.Recent five games, they got four small score draw, it should be said that a lot of problems on the offensive end.

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