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Beijing time on December 17, 2016, 03 45 points, when Allah VS real betis, wonderful no-nonsense Allah’s tackles, but home record is less than the road;Real betis under new coach serial LianJie!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/12/17 (Saturday)03:45Allah’sbetis 2016/12/17 (Saturday)00 PMgijonvillarreal 2016/12/17 (Saturday)Hands onAtletico MadridLas palmas 2016/12/18 (Sunday)01:30granadaThe royal society 2016/12/18 (Sunday)03:45sevillamalaga 2016/12/18 (Sunday)Hands onHe inMr Anwar 2016/12/19 (Monday)01:30deportivoosasuna 2016/12/19 (Monday)03:45BarcelonaThe Spanish 2016/12/20 (Tuesday)03:45bilbaocelta

Allah’s VS real betis,

Two team strength is not tactically, ranking is also quite close, first 13.14 respectively in la liga, is worth looking forward to a race.Allah is may be promoted, performance can be said to be among the three promoted sides better team, especially road, in particular, can stand in the league, 6 but their home record is quite fiasco, only seven points, very poor;And betis is the previous season’s championship, slowly but surely serie a last season, this season’s first priority is to avoid relegation fight, midfielder pater Ross will draw the game, the team can sayA luxury, in a home victory over one of the top teams in the second group beer Bach competition, the team morale and confidence, is expected to continue a good condition against Allah weiss.

Both in the west b 14 to 15 season had two meetings, respectively is 1:2 to victory at the home of the opponent, it draw/hemisphere concessions to the plate for the home team, nearly period of time the two teams of competitive state is very good, have more games unbeaten, momentum, and the compensate to cut flat compensate, only a draw is the main melody of the foreseeable, therefore the preferred draw, after the experience even moreSeasoned betis is more reliable.

Allah’s performance is good, since the upgrade a guest over Barcelona but also make its fame, has obtained four games, three games away from, Barcelona, the yellow submarines at villarreal also fall its hand, at home only in the team against relegation granada won a victory.Investigate its reason, as the team rely on the defensive counter-attack rob points, more open at home playing, attack failed easily under the condition of the gate, a guest at ease the counter-attack is very surprise, in the future if the team can improve home record, must have a way to avoid relegation royal road to learning.

Real betis manager poyet after class came to Shanghai shenhua, victor’s arrival at the helm of betis pointer, recent performance improved markedly, the last three games unbeaten, round is on home 1-0 rick Basque lion athletic bilbao, but the team away record is still no change, seven on the road this season, only 2-5 bad record, two recent defeat all.Nearly 10 times, Allah’s 4 win 1 draw 5 negative, par.

Two teams of generalized strength compared to Allah is slightly lower than betis, compensate the odds in a reasonable range, at the beginning of losingRate structure, flat compensate low, negative pay raise.At present, under the fundamentals of the two teams to win the confidence is insufficient, mostly flat to compensate the original distribution, is now set to pull low compensate, conveniently absorbed chip mean strong, negative pay raise is suspected of luring, compensate is expected to be low profile type is in middle position.

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