Recommend re-scheduled week 17 matches w882016-2017 method

Beijing time on December 10th, 2016, 3 in the morning 45 points in 17 ligue 1 round of a game first, Dijon has six games in the premiership, harvest constantly draw team ranked 15th championship, only from the relegation zone and only 2 points, but in the past record data, Dijon, there are have a certain attack means and struggle of hemorrhagic!

Date of Time “The strong> the home team The visiting team 2016/12/10 (Saturday)03:45Dijonmarseille 2016/12/11 (Sunday)00:00bordeauxMonaco 2016/12/11 (Sunday)03:00bastiamace 2016/12/11 (Sunday)03:00lilleMontpellier,

The 2016/12/11 (Sunday)03:00Nancyangers 2016/12/11 (Sunday)03:00nantescaen 2016/12/11 (Sunday)03:00Toulouse,lorient 2016/12/11 (Sunday)22:00LyonRyan 2016/12/12 (Monday)00:00St. deanguingamp 2016/12/12 (Monday)03:45St germainnice

Dijon VS marseille,

Dijon on one game away against caen.The game appeared larger changes.Caen is 3 to 1 lead in the first half.Dijon advanced the ball in the second half, in the final 10 minutes, caen scored an own goal.Dijon is ultimately away lucky got one point.In the last six matches won four games draw.As a team strength in general, the performance has been considerable.But Dijon winning number is too little, now 16 games just to get the game 3 victory.

Marseille dismal performance in this season.Recent six games just to get a victory.Is a game in their home game against the south on the tin, under the condition of two goal ahead on 80 minutes, extra time also got a goal.Hope to make marseille the game some restore morale.Objectively speaking, marseille strength, so keep away half the dish or normal.But the current draw kelly index and guest wins.In marseille away under the condition of the downturn, we suggest a draw.

DijonLast week consecutive draw in Monaco and caen, stopped after losing streak, but they only in the past 9 ligue 1 match won game 1, that is at the end of October over 20 lorient.Too little games makes Dijon ranking gradually falling towards the relegation zone, the situation is more critical.

Marseille has fought in a 3-0 home win against south tin, ranking rose to 10th, with relegation zone between pulled open the safe distance of 7 points.”Turning” in the last two rounds of league one ball lost, they seem to find several core out for expedient for defence.

Optimal DE W88,Western sports remind: recommend Dijon refusal under 0-0.5 – the game ball.

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