W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 16 matches

On December 11, Beijing time at 01:00, re-scheduled week 16 within the wheel from the home team crow Joe against the visiting team pescara.Crow holds the wheel on the league’s 2-1 defeat to AC milan, although the team scored first, but then defeat to milan 2 ball reversal.Crow holds in the league this season only 1 flat road record 7 negative trends, 8 battle lost 17 goals, the team defense is very bad.

Date of Time The The visiting team 2016/12/11 (Sunday)01:00Within the g’spescara 2016/12/11 (Sunday)03:45samplazio 2016/12/11 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.cagliariNaples 2016/12/11 (Sunday)22:00Atlanta,udinese 2016/12/11 (Sunday)22:00bolognaempoli 2016/12/11 (Sunday)22:00Palermochievo 2016/12/11 (Sunday)22:00Turin,Juventus 2016/12/12 (Monday)03:45Inter milanGenoa 2016/12/13 (Tuesday)2:00FlorenceMrThoreaᄡ998871111219982387
2016/12/11 (Sunday)04:00The RomanAC milan

Crow VS pescara inside

1, the home team crow nearly 10 1 wins and two draws and seven defeats, 6 points in the row 15 games in serie a, 19 g’s nearly nine goals in 10 games in 18 goals conceded.

2, the visiting team pescara nearly 10 wars 2-8, 8 points in 15 games in serie a row of 18th, pescara nearly five goals in 10 games, 22The ball.

3, crow and pescara within recent 2 win 1 draw 7 10 games, at home, in the recent five grams of rotorua within 2-3.

4, pescara recently won only 1 18 games, won only one last 10 games.

Crowe, Joe is league ball of the lowest rates in the team, only 37.7%.

Pescara 11 consecutive have conceded, recently five goals conceded 14, averaged above sheet 2.

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